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The Pyromaniac Chef is back and this time I'm expanding my restaurant, Gloucester Studio, by building a fire kitchen.

We did it!

On 13th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £1,235 of £1,000 target with 10 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

While the fire kitchen will be amazing for me and my food, it's something I want to share with my customers. So with additional funding I'll be able to build a bar where they can watch me work while drinking something delicious.

I'll also buy more from the talented team who are making the galvanised steel panel depicting my logo which will further brand the garden and enhance the visitor experience with signage and planters.

Last September I embarked on a crowdfunding campaign to make my idea for a cook book a reality. Thanks to crowdfunder and the amazing people who pledged, I raised £2,247 in 28 days. The hard work then started but just before Christmas my printer delivered my books to me. The books are now selling steadily on Amazon and have helped me build my business in ways I couldn't have imagined.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Now I'm ready for a new adventure. My restaurant, Gloucester Studio, is a truly hidden restaurant. It's tucked away in my Cotswolds garden and opens for exclusive hire only. I have a lot of fun cooking for my diners but I've hit a limitation. While I love cooking over fire (I am the Pyromaniac Chef after all), lots of my dishes need a smoked or slow cooked element. I'm also killing my back by working next to my fire pit.

Next to the kota hut housing Gloucester Studio is a small gap. When looking at the hut, it's easy to miss. But go through that gap and you're in what my family call the secret garden. It's deceptively spacious and while half is occupied by my children's tree house, there is a large gap just waiting to be filled.

This is where I plan to build my fire kitchen. My husband has already built me an incredible dining area near the house and has designed a simple wooden structure to house my new smoker, all the equipment associated with it and to provide a lovely big worktop.

While the wooden elements will look fabulous, the wow factor will really be added by the steel workers who will be building a black storage unit and a beautiful panel with my logo cut out. These will be backlit so they glow as I work.

It's a pretty straightforward project but it'll enable me to smoke my own salt for the butter I already churn myself. It'll mean adding slowcooked meats to my menu of dishes and most excitingly for me, allow me to smoke a wide variety of cheeses.

So what are looking at in terms of rewards?

The Pyromaniac Chef Cook Book is available on Amazon for £20 (plus p&p) but it has a special price for this project and costs just £15 inc. p&p.

I'm selling my candles again. They still have that great crackle thanks to the wooden wick and the 'Sweet Bonfire' scent of sandalwood, toasted marshmallow and coffee but they're now in chic black holders and at a lower price of £15.

Next up is hampers of goodies from the new smoker and my fire pit. The £30 hamper is a box of goodies made in the new smoker or over fire and includes; smoked salt, smoked garlic butter, smoky mincemeat, smoked chutney and a Sweet Bonfire candle. The £50 is those contents with a copy of my book and a second candle.

Finally, for those in the Gloucestershire area (or happy to travel), there are five opportunities to book a meal at Gloucester Studio for just £400 (usually a fire-cooked meal for up to eight people including all drinks costs £750). This includes; welcome drink on arrival, three courses cooked over fire or smoke with local beer, wine or soft drinks, tea and coffee, marshmallows for toasting and frozen schnapps.

Thank you for reading and I hope you'll join me on another smoking journey.

Kathryn x

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