PYL - Putting young people in the know.

PYL - Putting young people in the know.

To give young people a online platform that enables them to source everything they need from advice, support and services.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is a non-profit visual that I want to create in order to help young people up and down the country. 

I want to produce a  social portal that puts young young people in the know. It aims to pick up the gaps in the current curriculum, such as the much needed information for independent living such as but not limited to

  • budgeting
  • how to use appliances 
  • healthy eating
  • how to apply for a mortgage.

I want to include downloadable templates that young people can use to assist them in these areas. 

I also want the website being used a signpost by young people to enable them to find certain provisions within their local area,  seperated into regions, young people will be able to find local services statutory or voluntary associated with areas such as mental health, support for young families, LGBT, safe houses for women to name but a few.

Currently there is nothing like this available and having worked in youth centres and undertaking a youth and community work my experience  supports the need for something like this to be present.