Pyeongchang Volunteer

Pyeongchang Volunteer

Please help me raise funds to cover my volunteering trip to Pyeongchang Olympic Games.

We did it!

On 21st Jul 2017 we successfully raised £70 with 4 supporters in 56 days

The Olympic Values are made up of Friendship,  Respect and Excellence along with Paralympic Values of  Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality. This are prinicples that athletes try to live according to this beliefs and to help them be the best they can be, and to respect other competitors.  

Volunteers play a huge role in helping athletes and organisers during the Games. They are vitals to the work of Games and the Games wouldn't be possible without them. They are incredible and dedicated  people to bettering global community.

Volunteers gave they free time and support to organisations that sometimes can't cover they personal cost like flights, transfers and accommodations. This is why I would like to ask for help in funding my trip in doing something I love and believe in. 

Please would you be so kind and help me volunteer abroad.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Best wishes.

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