PVC Tarpaulin
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim of the project to work with http://www.forcesonline.org.uk to create a work ethos by using skills from veterans to teach our young

by PVC Tarpaulin in Aylesbury, England, United Kingdom

I am retired and self-fund from pension as a serial inventor several current projects of innovation. Which solves real problems in the present day of hoping to make a difference in the lives of others.

Please see http://www.ellisday.com for more concepts that are subject of Grant Patents in 34 Countries.

Intellectual Property Audit was conducted on my work in 2014 and the results culminated in 20+ projects being submitted to the British Patent Office. Each of which was subject of “Proof of Concept”.

Referring to my submission of the PVC Tarpaulin I seek financial help in being able to fund through “Crowd funder”. The opportunity of manufacturing with the British Company who manufactured the one product I use for demonstration purposes. A further quantity to enhance further innovation with regards to demonstrating the use of the product for shelter and charitable purposes, especially in disaster areas for temporary accommodation and storage use.

With such weather patterns and changes of violent storms and floods, the PVC Tarpaulin is of durable material (easily repaired if damaged) to provide adequate shelter. The product can be used in various scenarios, but always providing the Health & Safety factor of being able to make the Tarpaulin. More rigid for strength or flexible but always able to control in new ways that are provided by current market products and is easily transported.

The welded intermittent sleeves of 50mm allow for rigid or flexible pipework to be thread through, this also provides the opportunity of feeding rope through the pipework to avoid erosion of edges but also provides greater control for the purposes of fixing down the Tarpaulin.

The product is subject of Patent and is associated with the Flood Bag as shown on the Ellis Day website. New markets will be opened for the widespread use of the product as current market products do not offer such key factors of use and safety (Coming loose, torn, flapping in stormy weather) 

I am also seeking others who may wish to Licence on the innovation for the self-interest of commercialising the product and hope to further the opportunity of employing others. This measure would allow me to continue innovating further my work for the benefit and the future employment it may bring to others.1535793795_PVC%20TARP-1.jpg


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

(1) One copy of Bobbyjac crime fiction novel (2) Listing the names of those who donated along with our published recognition of what has been achieved with the biggest thank you, one can give (3) Purchase at cost price one PVC Tarpaulin

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