Putting the pieces of my life together...

by Olamide in London, England, United Kingdom

Putting the pieces of my life together...


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I’m raising money to clear the credit card dept I accrued while I was homeless during my second year of university, and to help my life...

by Olamide in London, England, United Kingdom

I used that cover image because I like art. I actually am trying to run a body art business... 

Anyway, my story is long and touches on a lot of sensitive subjects which explain why I have ended up where I am now. But the last time I told my true story I received an email saying that I should contact the Samaritans and that my crowdfunding project had been removed. 

So, maybe I’ll just say that I need help to clear my credit card dept. I was in a bad place last year (I’m still not in the best of places, but I’m trying). I was homeless and my credit card was my only source of money. I spend a lot and now it’s like it won’t stop chasing me. I don’t need this PLUS student loan dept.

I’m trying to work and pay it back, but it’s just not enough...

Please help me if you can. 

Thank you 

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