Education is Key
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To be able to support a family with 6 sons to get good education

by Latoyah Richards in London, England, United Kingdom

The vision is to be able to pay for the transport, lunch money, school uniform, tuition and educational materials for a family who are trying to send 6 young sons to school. I am aware that the crowd funding page is usually for those whom reside within the UK, however, what about the idea of supporting those whom constantly live below the poverty line, and under no fault of their own, they are not really faced with much opportunity to change this. 

The money will be used to help these young children to be supported in relation to education. Education is an important tool for everyone to be able to achieve in life and whilst it is recognised as a basic need, for those abroad, many financial elements need to be met before children can access education. In many cases, if a family does not have the bus fare to send their child to school or the money to buy an appropriate school uniform or textbooks, going to school is not an option. 

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