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Purple Valentine Aesthetics

Bringing Advanced beauty to the high street, making Cosmeceutical products easily accessible across the UK in Boots Pharmacy stores

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On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £555 with 19 supporters in 110 days


Bringing Advanced Beauty & Aesthetics to the high street...

What is Natasha's pitch?

During my 16 years in the beauty industry, i have come across a common problem...

Clients have tried every over the counter product and nothing has worked, they feel like they just have to live with acne, pigmentation, melasma, scarring! But the truth is they dont! What they need is a medical grade pharmaceutical product that actually changes the way their skin works.

Currently boots only offer over the counter skincare thats suitable for all skin types, it doesnt penetrate the skins dermis layer and sits on top of the skin.

I believe that everyone should know the difference between a cosmeceutical product and over the counter skincare and I also believe that Boots should offer this service to all their customers, thats why i am proposing to have advanced skincare staff that have the knowledge and experience to deliver skin consultations and advanced skincare to the high street, through mini clinic skincare bars/counters. ( see below for artists impression)

Who are we?

Purple Valentine Aesthetics is an advanced beauty clinic in the heart of Romford, Essex. We specialise in advanced beauty treatments such as, IPL hair removal, acne light therapy, skin peels, anti-wrinkle injections, skin tightening, dermal roller, Medical grade skincare and so much more. We have been trading for two years and have treatment rooms situated above the Purple Valentine nail salon. We attract a wide range of clients, our treatments transform and improve confidence of men and women suffering with skin problems, excessive hair growth and much more, which impacts their lives.

 Who is Natasha Britton? 

I am 33, an award-winning entrepreneur and a mother of three beautiful children. With a passion for beauty and business I cofounded Purple Valentine Salon and I am the sole owner of Purple Valentine Aesthetics. Over the last two years I have been developing Purple Valentine Aesthetics and now I'm ready to take it to the next level and get in there with the big boys! I have a fantastic network of people around me to help my dreams become a reality; building a successful business is all about the right team. 

I would love to win Voom 2016 and pitch to Sir Richard Branson because I want to expand my current business to a bigger audience than I am currently reaching in Romford alone. I believe the services and advice we offer should be available across the nation.

What are we trying to achieve?



It is our vision to bring advanced beauty clinics to the high street; we want our brand Purple Valentine Aesthetics, to be available in the UK's pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer. 

Over the past 16 years working in the beauty and aesthetics industry, I have found that there is a huge problem with clients not getting results they desire from the products they buy over the counter from high street shops. Lots of clients do not realise there are different grades of products, some that sit on top of the skin and others that penetrate the layers of skin, changing the way the skin reacts. At Purple Valentine Aesthetics we use curative cosmeceutical skincare.

We believe that advanced beauty and aesthetics should be easily accessible to everyone, that's why we think Boots is the ideal brand to collaborate with.

Here is an example of what one of our kiosks could look like; our medical aestheticians will be providing skin consultations using a skin analysis machine and advice on our curative cosmeceutical products.


Why Boots chemist's?

Whenever the public want something that is beauty related the number one place they will visit first is Boots, being the UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer.  Boots have over 2,500 easily accessible stores in the UK, ranging from local community pharmacies to large destination health and beauty stores.

We are so passionate about customers having choice when it comes to choosing skincare products and treatments. There is a genuine problem with over the counter skincare that does not match the customer's needs and expectations, we have clients come into us sceptical because they have tried "every over the counter product on the market" and they are quite frankly, fed up.

Purple Valentine aesthetics philosophy is all about educating the client, giving them all the information they need so they can make informed decisions. Our staff are advanced beauty professionals, who have extensive training, knowledge and experience on delivering treatments and products that give the best results. Who would you trust more with your skin concerns? 


Future potential

It is my vision after Purple Valentine Aesthetics is a high street name, to set up an advanced beauty and business academy.

There will be a separate website and training centre dedicated to this arm of the business and after the therapists have completed their training, there will be opportunities available to work within the Purple Valentine Aesthetics clinics. 

 Crowd funding c7a27df9b2fdfdc7d1f44c88270a0285.png

I am crowd funding £5,000 to raise money to start making my dream turn into a reality. We have some fantastic rewards available that are exclusively available through the Voom campaign, and you will not be able to get these special rewards from the salon. We hope we can exceed this target to show Sir Richard that people are backing our project and dream.


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