Pure Rent

Pure Rent

Design and Build of a platform focusing on both Landlords and Tenants to ensure they benefit in their dealing.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The platform will enable Landlords (new or veteran) to select good Tenants and prevent unnecessary hassle and avoid default. In turn the Tenant will be benefitting by economies of scale through this platform and will be rewarded by the utilities company, Landlord Discount and other corporate deals and perks that my company has formed partnership with.

It will also link to the online booking system allowing landlord to directly source clients/customers for their serviced apartment and offer affordable and premium properties to the right category.

The Tenants will benefit by getting high standard of living and getting cheaper rent than they would have been asked to pay.

The profit through this platform will be distrubted in proportion to your contribution in full - 20% management fee.