Pure Kicks Wellness

by Beth Cooper in Wilmslow, England, United Kingdom

Pure Kicks Wellness


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To launch Pure Kicks, a unique wellness and detox brand offering people a natural affordable and healthy way to look and feel amazing.

by Beth Cooper in Wilmslow, England, United Kingdom

The Pure Kicks range is designed to give you a ‘pure kick’ and create positive emotions the pure way …it compliments other pure kicks of life like sex, weightloss, adrenalin sports, alcohol ban, 12 hours sleep, falling in love, sports, running, spin, winning something, laughter, acupuncture, favourite movie, holiday.It’s unique because it’s all about goodness and pure ingredients but it’s not organic looking, it exudes the emotion of a pure kick through colour and graphics. It contains over 30 high quality botanical plants in potent powder form developed into sumptuous formulations that make you look and feel amazing. It has an element of style but is not tacky, it is vibrant, loving, feminine exuding a woman’s inner best self; confident, glowing, joyful. 

Brand Values:

Love your body

Pure - from the earth, no nasties, full of goodness,

Alive – Potent botanical ingredients

Kicks –Natural boost / buzz /high

Detox –clean out body, recharge, reboot, give your body a service

Product range:

I will be launching with a Matcha Tea powder (aids health and weightloss), a Super Greens drink (detox powder), a natural energy drink (Cherry, Raspberry, Mango flavours),  Apple Cider Vinegar capsules (reduce fat and help digestion) and as a hero in the range three well designed and high performing 6 star detox programmes of varying lengths, 7, 14 and 21 Day. (all tablets and capsules so easy to take and tested and proven to lose weight and anti-age) 

It is important to note that I own the IP to all products.

Note: I paid a detox expert to develop the detox programmes and I can market her as the formulator. 

There is an opportunity to extend the product range very easily as follows: Raspberry Kertone capsules, Coconut oil, Natural drinkable anti-aging Collagen Liquid (white label my manufacturers product Collagen Plus), Castor oil droplets marketed as natural eyelash/hair growth formula, Sleepytime tea, Mens range/sub-brand (Pure Pump-sport nutrition range).  There is no limit to the opportunity to extend product.

Primary target market:

They are young, 18-30 females, like to keep fit, enjoy life and some of its vices, some have a passion for well-being and vitality however some of our prospective audience struggle with managing life’s balance…it’s just too hard.  They work in a city on an above average income, they live in rented accommodation or have taken out a mortgage. They have above average disposable income and are happy to spend some of it on well-being activities, things that help them lose weight/feel fitter/look better. They are digitally savvy, read blogs and may even have their own blog. They have various social pages and are active in social media.

The secondary target market is 30-45 year old’s (female bias).

If a mens range was launched a sub-brand would be developed with male appeal in mind.

The brand was built to be strong and unique and stand out from the crowd of natural health/detox brands. Quality from the ingredients and formulations but with an exciting vibrant appeal.



Key competitors: Bootea, Organic Burst, Body and Soul, Pukka, Skinny tea, Bulk powders etc There are various detox tea brands on the market however Senna was a key ingredient in their products which is a laxative that has been recently band, so their products have had to be tweaked and will not be as effective.  Bootea is the most successful brand with £8m annual turnover and Pure Kicks range can compete directly against this but with much higher quality and breadth of products and has a huge product extension opportunity and there is an absolute opportunity to take a slice of this market pie.

Volume Distribution

There are a number of distribution channels to drive volume sales:

  • Pure Kicks global websites
  • Holland and Barrett
  • Boots
  • Amazon
  • Distributor model
  • Ecommerce resellers e.g. https://www.thedetoxmarket.com
  • The product will be sold globally, primarily online, then move into retail and a distributor model.


Marketing Plan


To be developed, heavy owned and earned social acquisition focus (Instagram/twitter), influencer marketing through high profile high reach beauty bloggers and a strong paid and organic search strategy. This will be complimented by display/retargeting, youtube ads and direct (email). 

Manufacturer and Suppliers

I have already sourced a product manufacturer/formulation and various suppliers and built relationships with them and am ready to go with production. I have a very good designer on board who also designed Bare Biology a now successful brand.

Live website www.purekicks.co.uk


Business Case


Competitor revenue £8m per annum.  Potential revenue of >£4m by year 3.

Note: This is a draft forecast only. Exact margins to be determined on all products.

Let's make 'Pure Kicks Wellness' happen