Puppet King Richard II's Big Art Sale

by Puppet King Richard II in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 17th June 2019 we successfully raised £2,380 with 34 supporters in 28 days

To grow Pocket Epics 'Puppet King Richard II' for the Edinburgh Fringe 2019, as a touring show for intimate spaces and new audiences.

by Puppet King Richard II in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

1 Day left! We're selling the Puppet King's Royal Collection for donations great and small. All the money raised will help get us to Edinburgh 2019. So have a look at the wonderful works available, donate a fair offer and get in touch to arrange delivery! Thanks to all our supporters and artists! 

Pocket Epics do big stories diy-style. Puppet King Richard II is Shakespeare's gothic drama about a fascinating but useless ruler - plus puppets! We use kitchen utensils, live music & some amazing Czech 'javaiky' rod-puppets, and some acting. We're actors not puppeteers so sometimes things go wrong, as they do for King Richard! Enemies grow strong while Richard loses everything. Alone in prison he tries to make sense of it all. Divine right becomes flesh and blood and painted clay. We invite you into the court, close up. See how power shifts and regimes change! 

In Prague, Brighton & Scotland audiences and critics loved the show:

"you have not really witnessed Shakespeare, until you see one glove

puppet slap another glove puppet in the face with a glove, in challenge of their

honour" ReviewsHub*****

"food for my soul"- "the best Punch and Judy I ever saw"- "I know I will never forget it"

MustSee Show, FringeReview, Brighton 2017

A reviewer loved the show so much she is now our producer! We want to get seen in Edinburgh and grow the show and the company. 

The riotous reign of King Richard II saw a renaissance in painting, precious metal-work, literature, glass and book-making. 

We have some great works of art too, inspired by Shakespeare's play, donated by our incredibly generous artists to help get Puppet King Richard II to the Edinburgh Fringe 2019. Something for everyone...

Scroll down to check out original works by collected makers celebrated in their fields - including 2 exclusive pots and commemorative medallions by the 2019 Emmanuel Cooper Craft Potters Prize winner Patricia Shone, at gift prices!

To buy one donate the suggested amount or near offer and get in touch via social media or gregudgeon@gmail.com to arrange delivery.

Or see the 'donate' button, right, for simple donations.

Patricia Shone: Puppet King Richard medallions, baked clay 6 x 1.5 cm, recommended donation £20 + p&p. Press the donate button, and contact gregudgeon@gmail.com to arrange delivery!

Adrienne Thomas: You Looking At Me? collage print A4 or A3 unframed £60. 2 SOLD! - MORE AVAILABLE: Press the donate button and contact gregudgeon@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/adartist48/

Lucianne Lassalle: Wall Lady plaster relief wall-hanging 23x51x2cm, recommended donation £120  - SOLD! more by arrangement: gregudgeon@gmail.com http://www.luciannelassalle.com/profile.aspx

Fredrik Lloyd: Silkscreen print 'This England' 50x70cm unframed, recommended donation £140  - limited edition! Press the donate button, and to order contact: gregudgeon@gmail.com http://www.fredriklloyd.org and https://www.instagram.com/fredrik.lloyd/

Puppeteer gardener: A day's work in your garden, yard or other £100 + tea & biscuits! Brighton & locality, or + travel. contact:gregudgeon@gmail.com

Marius Grose: 'Ile set a Banke of Rew' HD photo print 60 x 40cm unframed, r.d. £160 special  edition! Press the donate button, then to order: gregudgeon@gmail.com http://photography.mariusgrose.co.uk

Patricia Shone (Craft Potters Emmanuel Cooper Prize 2019): Earth Jar - Day h13cm x di15.5cm, celadon glaze. r.d. £250 via donate button.           To order: gregudgeon@gmail.com

Patricia Shone: Earth Jar - Night h15cm x di16cm, tenmoku glaze int., r.d. £250 -  SOLD!         To order: gregudgeon@gmail.com www.patriciashone.co.uk

Antonín Plamen Pazdera: 'Richard II/Brexit' scored & corroded sheet iron + fool's bell 54x54cmx1mm r.d. £250   SOLD! (other designs available- contact gregudgeon@gmail.com

Marcus Bolt: Poppy Heads, acrylic 24"x 30" r.d. £195. To order: gregudgeon@gmail.com       http://www.ipernity.com/doc/445031                                                

Lucianne Lassalle: Venus, cold cast iron h24cm r.d. £400    -   SOLD! (also cast to order - contact gregudgeon@gmail.com)

Delia Whitbread: 'Hollow Crown' stained glass and appliqué panel 35cm new work rd £500 via donate button. To order: gregudgeon@gmail.com                   website: www.deliandesigns.co.uk  

You can also book a home show for you, your family, friends & neighbours. Recommended donations £400 + depending on distance from our Brighton base. We can play for up to 50 people. Contact: gregudgeon@gmail.com

Why not sign up for a day of diy puppets & Shakespeare, with Pocket Epics, in Lewes, Saturday 14th September 2019, £30 per person...                                                                .

Or simply donate, for your name to be inscribed on our hearts and in our programme. 

And please like our Facebook pages, follow us on social media, and come see us at PQA Venues, Edinburgh 2 - 13 August 2019 1.15pm! 

Humble royal thanks to you and our generous court artists!

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