Pupils App for Learning (PAL)

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Project by mas zebe

Pupils App for Learning (PAL)

Pupils App for Learning (PAL)

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Project by mas zebe


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To develop Pupils App for Learning (PAL), Tutoring and Sharing so learning can be made easier, in-the-now, uninterrupted, more accessible.

My daughter gave me an idea to develop a Pupils App for Learning (PAL), Tutoring and Sharing! I would like to make this a reality!

All she does currently is study, study and study, and her peers are doing exactly the same. But her most beneficial study sessions are when she is in a dedicated group/pair or specific tutor(s).

But those a few and far between at school, and trying to arrange face-to-face sessions with peers and/or tutors is very difficult. A lot of time and money is wasted on travel, getting dressed and food. 

People, though may have free time are busy with responsibilities that keeps them tied down at home

Those with disability issues, mental health issues and unsafe dwelling communities may find it difficult to leave the comfort and safety of their homes. Not to mention when the weather isn't very inviting outside!

This raised a huge problem and gap that I want to solve as she moves into her GCSE year and A levels to follow. 

In a nutshell, it's a Live Streaming App designed by young Pupils for young Pupils, without the noise that other contemporary live streaming Apps have, such as inappropriate disturbing streams and cyber-bullying

The App would focus on making it easier for pupils studying/learning together in a more interactive environment where they could see, show and respond in-the-now from the comfort and safety of their home.

The design, of which we have wireframe sketches, is highly Specific for the needs of those Learning/Studying in a highly interactive way that no mobile app platform currently offer.

The app will be free from distractions such as other categorised non-educational streams and notifications and interruptive adverts. Learners can study together and be tutored in a much more dedicated and interactive environment, using all the unique features that will compliment this mobile application.

Initially I would like to develop this mobile application for the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire county as my daughters network spread across these 2 counties. 

However, there is definite scope and a projected plan for scaling and expanded this project to more counties, nationally, across Europe and beyond.

With your help I can solve my daughter and her peers' current problem and potentially help even more young pupils and tutors from the wider regions which could include your own child(ren) or other relatives.

We can do this!

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