Pup Planet - Dog Playground, Cafe & Dog Hub

by Charlie Bullen in Hempstead, England, United Kingdom

Pup Planet - Dog Playground, Cafe & Dog Hub


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Dog hub centre! Pup Planet will buy land & build an amazing pup playground for dog owners to safely socialise dogs & live their best life

by Charlie Bullen in Hempstead, England, United Kingdom

Firstly thank you so much for taking the time to read this, means a lot.

This is my dream:

Imagine turning up to Pup Planet, there’s a cafe, a dog only pet shop, an indoor dog playground, an outdoor playground and obviously you have your dog with you.

Playgrounds are safe and secure, let your dog off their lead and enjoy a nice cream tea in the cafe while watching your best friend play have the time of their life.

As you leave, stock up on dog food, treats & toys from the pet shop. Get home and have a relaxed evening with a very happy shattered pup.

I love my patterdale dog Nellie, and feed her the best food, take her on new excited walks and take her to dog play school. I can’t believe how happy Nellie is when she’s playing with other dogs in a safe environment. This is where my dream started, I want all dogs to experience that moment of playing with like-minded dogs and hopefully enhance their life a little more as they enhance our lives so much.

Funds raised will get the project off the ground. Currently I raise money by selling products on an online pet shop (PupPlanet.co.uk) which I opened in March 2021. The funds from you guys will go towards the set up of a physical location and build the Pup Playground.

When we have successfully got the operation going, then I’m hoping we can get a Pup Planet dog playground in every county and city in the UK ????????

Finally I just want to say thank you so much and one day see you at Pup Planet when we make this happen!

Let's make 'Pup Planet - Dog Playground, Cafe & Dog Hub' happen

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