Punch the Judy

Create our first professional theatre production of "Punch the Judy" - a play about the effects of Domestic Abuse

We did it!

On 17th Jun 2018 we successfully raised £1,295 with 19 supporters in 56 days

I trained as an actress but gave up any hope of this life to have a family and went into the education route as my children grew and became a drama teacher.  I have worked as Head of Drama and 4 years ago completed my MA in Drama in Education.  Now my children have formed lives of their own and I have to follow my own unfulfilled dreams! I have a great belief that through drama we can and indeed have an obligation to share stories and now through my first play "Punch the Judy" I bring it to you and ask for your help to fulfil this.

What is it? - A devised play currently in research and development stage in support of DAVSS (Domestic Abuse Volunteer Support Services) of Tunbridge Wells whose patron is the fabulous actress, Louise Jameson (Dr Who, Tenko and EastEnders) and the local mayor Julia Soyke has chosen this has her nominated charity this year. 

 Why?  We wish to look at the pattern of learnt behaviour and ask our audience to challenge and stand up to Domestic Abuse. There are many plays, dramas about this subject but not really much about child to adult abuse.  This play looks at the effects of witnessing the abuse, perceiving it as the norm, becoming the abuser and so the cycle continues.  We will also be asking why the child is removed from the family home to be “fixed” but then put back in to the toxic environment. The play begins amongst the Victorian Freak Shows with a Punch and Judy show.  We travel forward to present day seeing the baby become the child, then the teen, and the abuser. 

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What is it?

The play is an immersive interactive performance with a pre-theatre Victorian freak show. The style is physical storytelling with puppetry and strong visual imagery.  It is not suitable for under 14 due to the nature of the topic and the language/visual images. 

Strings are being pulled …. but by whom?  Come and meet the Master of Manipulation in this immersive and interactive Travesty of Extravaganza. Dare to ask yourself this question.  Are we responsible for our own actions or are our actions just learnt behaviours? Flying Fish Theatre proudly presents its first production - Age 16+

Who will benefit?

The Charity DAVSS will have a raised profile in the area - we will be asking for volunteers to come forward to assist their work. We wish to support their continuing work in our local community.

Funds will be raised by collection at our shows and profits too from the Stone Baked - Pizza Van. These will go directly to DAVSS.

The community will be brought together - many have volunteered to help with leafleting and set up and of course many will attend the show.

The topic of Domestic Abuse will be openly discussed and more awareness will be made - after show discussion with invited guests too.

The Future

 We would like to run workshops in schools/educational establishments promoting healthy relationships as part of PSHE (current curriculum) and do a rural/national tour with this show. We are already talking to two schools about performing the play there.

Please support this project with as little or as much as you can - We have had no outside funding except the generous donation of The Toad Rock pub as a venue and a starting donation of £500 from them.  We really need your help so please buy a ticket, send a small donation - £1,100 pays for our puppet £3,000 pays for our actors £5,000 pays for the whole show and a enough left to put towards our next show!  We can make this happen with your help. Please see our rewards too!

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