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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The initial aim of this project is to raise funds to aid in the process of getting a registered non-profit organisation off the ground.

by martin fry in Burnham, England, United Kingdom

Have you ever had that gut wrenching realisation that life is not all about yourself and how you can best profit from this corporate structure of a capitalist society?

This is where I am now in my life! I have had a good life - not perfect - but who's is? My children have all grown up and i find myself feeling somewhat without a life goal, as bringing my children up was everything to me: I thank my Mother and father for this, as they gave me a great, if not fairly simple upbringing.

I have found my life at a point of mild desperation. I have been sleeping in my car for about 7 months and just as I was about to get my life back in order, Covid-19 reared it's ugly head. I have been on lockdown living out of my car.

Now, I hear you all thinking, this wreaks of a hard luck story, attempting to elicit sympathy, but I can assure you nothing could be further from the truth. At least not for myself - bear with me an I will explain all.

Simply, my own times of despair and hardship, have hi-lighted to me the hardship others experience in this world - only God knows how much of this there has been during the current world climate - but namely that of the children of the world, who through no fault of their own and with very little power to elicit a change in their circumstance, often are the ones who suffer the most.

Now, I don't wish to bore you too much so I will get to the point. My aim is to start a not for profit organisation called Puddles-UK ( what child can resist jumping into a puddle after the rain - hence a happy situation after a not so great time )

My aim is to utilise my love for photography and videography on the youtube platform, with the aid of the many influencers from this platform, to propel the awareness of the charity and hopefully generate vast funds from the advertising within- in theory.

However, in my current state of financial struggle, i do not have the funds to even begin the massive task of properly formulating a not for profit organisation. It can take quite a lot of resources as I am finding out.

So the end goal, is to be able to provide adventure holidays for under privileged children in the amazing lake district area.

Your help, in any way you can afford, will greatly help this vision to become one of reality.

Thank You

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