Publishing books

by Mohammad Hadi Khojinian in Eastleigh, England, United Kingdom

Publishing books


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larger print runs and distribute more copies of the titles that will publish. Also, offering copies to local libraries of the Solent area.

by Mohammad Hadi Khojinian in Eastleigh, England, United Kingdom

Mehri Publication founded by Hadi Khojinian in 2012 and published more than 420 titles until December 2020. Mehri is a publishing house that aims to support writers, translators and artists to publish their works, in particular, the ones who are not allowed to publish their books in their own countries because of the censorship. In this respect, we by the permission of authors and brokers, make free PDF of the books that published available to readers. In particular, the ones who are in Iran and are not able to purchase uncensored books printed outside the country.

With the money from this crowd funder we can achieve a few different things in 2021:

We aim to publish 50 new titles in 2021. With this fund, we hope to keep our aim achievable. 

We can do larger print runs and distribute more copies of the titles that will publish. Also, we will offer copies to local libraries to benefit the local population of the Solent area. 

We also will be able to make more free books available to download. 

Additionally, we will hold online book launch events to bring a cultural and vivid gathering (even due virtual) to the public. And with some luck, we can get back to doing events, book market and meet some of you all in person to talk about books, photography, poetry, travel writing and art.

As a thank you to your generous donation, we would like to give you a %15 discount on all of our books.

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