Publish My Novel - The Dark Prince: The Beginning

Publish My Novel - The Dark Prince: The Beginning

To raise the funds required to have my novel edited, front cover designed then publish and market the final product.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

After spending years writing and editing a novel I have finally got it to the point I would like to have it professionally edited and published. I'm looking to raise the funds to give my book the best chance possible when it is published. This book is part 1 in a 5 part series, book 2 is currently underway.

Below is the synopsis for The Dark Prince: The Beginning - 

Prince Lexxendae Tal`Dier’s life is a monotonous pattern of learning and training, he’s a Prince of the dark elven city of Tserindyn and has not known much else.

Unbeknown to the world Lexx’s mother is a banished demi-goddess and before long the Prince will pray for the predictable rhythm of his upbringing. 

A darkness stirs within the dark elf city and within the heart of Lexx. Soon the Prince will find himself on the outside looking in as the Queen makes her move for power.

In his time of need will Lexx be willing to lose himself to unleash the demon within or can he trust in the friendship of the races Nath’atarya to face the growing evil.