PUBLIC VOICE changing UK policy - funding grants

by publicvoiceroy in London, England, United Kingdom

PUBLIC VOICE changing UK policy - funding grants


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Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by 20th November 2020 at 10:31am

To help create a successful and fairer UK by debating and promoting policy proposals. To raise funds to grant aid those in need

by publicvoiceroy in London, England, United Kingdom

We have developed a new integrated political model to begin the debate; created a system for people to earn money for themselves, their charities or community projects; created a system of self-assessed affordable modern tithing including income, time and wealth tithing (at 1%pa for 10years), and an initial grant aid package for those with an underlying entitlement to income related benefits who are in need, wish to gain new qualifications, or can't afford  therapy, educational support, or other services they need.

We are in the process of creating a website, a blog and social media network and developing an affiliate network of local community organisers and influencers and give opportunities to writers and designers to propagate our ideas and those of our subscribers. 

We need to employ a team of 12 digital experts to create and integrate this marketing plan, and pay the necessary subscriptions to the online services needed. That, and the fund raising for grants,  is what this fundraising is designed to achieve

We will publish two books, one setting out our initial ideas, and a second incorporating and attributing the ideas of our subscribers. We will also help our writers and designers to collaborate on books featuring their expertise in work or in their hobbies and interests. We will also publish a personally tailored weekly journal using segment email list building    

Any contribution is welcome. Pease begin by donating  £10 for lifetime registration or contributing £100  to fund grants. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Rewards on Registration

Lifetime sub including weekly journal + REWARD 2 Access to full versions of articles etc rather than just the beginnings. REWARD 3 Two month free trial including access to all monthly subscription services so you can test ones to use. These are in £5 units. Political: 1 Debate 2 Propose Policy 3 Campaign Benefit as a 4 Writer 5 Designer 6 Influencer 7 Local Organiser In the Forum 8 Lead a Group 9 Collaborate REWARD 4 Get discounts

£50 or more

PREPAYMENT AWARD for Personal Subscribers

For every £5 a month service selected, a pledge of £50 will secure 22 months of access after the two free trial. The usual cost would be £110 so the saving is £60 which is 55% off. Those using 4 services will therefore pay £200 but save £240 If services are delayed the 2 year deal begins when they are available At the end of the 2 years the service is renewed annually at £50 regardless of the cost to newcomers + discounts and gifts

£1,180 or more


PUBLIC VOICE is designed to encourage participation by individuals in politics by proposing changes in the law and government and local authority practice. But their impact on businesses and other organisations may not be understood. This pledge allows registration of an organisation and up to 9 representatives in forum discussions for two years. It allows the organisation to join representative panels by nominating more reps at £130 each.

£6,000 or more


If an individual or organisation pledges a tithe from income or profits of £1200 a month or makes a wealth tithe of £6000pa for 10 years, the funds will be held as a ring-fenced asset. The donor can specify the target group and create access conditions. For instance, it may be THE RICHARD ELLIOT FUND FOR NURSERY FEES of the ANDREA CORTEZ FUND FOR SPANISH TUITION. When demand exhausts the funding, top up funds can be added.

Let's make 'PUBLIC VOICE changing UK policy - funding grants' happen

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