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Public Seating Built by the Community

by Peter Kelly in Marple, England, United Kingdom

Public Seating Built by the Community
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To build benches for public seating along the canal, or in Marple area using waste exterior grade plywood, with community involvement.

by Peter Kelly in Marple, England, United Kingdom

Art Stop CIC aim to work with the community to provide and replace benches for public seating along a stretch of canal and around Marple town area where needed using waste exterior grade plywood and to ultimately leave a legacy by providing an ongoing free weekly woodworking group for all ages and abilities, to combat social isolation, anxiety and depression.

By gathering the community together to build the benches, we hope to promote wellbeing through making friends and achieving a common goal. We hope to attract retired carpenters and young people wanting to learn and pass on those transferable skills and hopefully make a career out of carpentry and build useful items like benches for public spaces.

The proposed site is on Marple (Macclesfield) canal paths from Bridge No. 3 to High Lane and Marple town general area, the project will mostly benefit the elderly, or those who can't walk far, to enable them to go for a walk, knowing there are benches to take a rest on.

The woodworking group we would like to start is Marple Community Woodcraft and would be in Art Stop CIC workshop in Goyt mill.

 Art Stop CIC workshop in Goyt mill will provide the space and equipment to build the benches and lead the woodworking group.

We will start Friends of Marple Canal group and recruit volunteers to build the benches.

 The project will benefit the youth, elderly, ramblers, fishermen and the boating community, offering a place to stop and have a bench to use. The numbers run into the thousands

 The project is neccessary as there are no benches from Bridge No.4 all the way to High Lane on the macclesfield canal and there is a need for benches all over Marple area outside of the town centre.

 With publicity and promotion of where the benches are the project will encourage people to go for a walk if the know they can take a seat along the way and encourage social interaction, conversation and promote community spirit.

 We will compile feedback from social media and gather stories from volunteers regularly walking on the canal and talking to people who are using the benches

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