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Raising money for a forever home

by Kirst Smith in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

  • 1610047306_screenshot_20210107-191750_messenger.jpgHi my name is kirsty I'm 28 years old I live in oxford. I am wanting to buy my own home so I can be free and live independently. On the 21st april 2014 then age 21 I got rushed into hospital via ambulance where I was taken staringht into resus following a violent pain in my head and loss of vision. Pn arriva I had lots of scans. I was told by doctors I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage (bleed on the brain) and I needed an emergency operation. I was only given 10% of surviving the operation. I beat all odds after a 9 hour op and clips inserted around my blood vessels I made it through the operation I was in hdu for 6 weeks. Then just 2 years later in 2016 I suffered another bleed. I was told I was unique as I survived twice and my blood vessels in my brain was like spaghetti junction instead of a motorway. One again I was recovery the my life strikes again. You guessed it another bleed on the brain in 2018. I then had to go to Sheffield royal hallamshire hospital where i had gamma knife ( specialised rare radiotherapy) to stem the blood vessels. Now in January 2021 I am almost stable. But have to have an operation on the damaged shoulder (rotator cuff injury) and also an operation on my stomach (hiatus hernia). My biggest wish in life is to won my own home but we all k know how expensive that is. Especially when your only recovering £250 a week from the job centre. As I am still not allowed to work due to my bleeds. I am asking the public if they can help me reach my dream. I would be very grateful of any donations. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my page. Stay safe 1610047279_screenshot_20210107-191701_messenger.jpg

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