Pub Quiz Live
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To launch a new and exciting application which brings the traditional pub quiz, played in teams of friends, to the online world.

by daniel-stewart in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Hi There!

I am looking to raise funds to launch a new and exciting application, to bring the fun of the traditional pub quiz, to the online application market. 

Can't make the pub quiz this Wednesday with your friends? Why not jump on to Pub Quiz Elite and play for real money and build an unbeatable quiz team online?! Make real cash, split the pot, earn points to rank your team within the worlds Pub Quiz Elites leader board, add music to the jukebox for background noise while each member of the team is presented with a question. Live chat and voice chat capability so your friends can help you out, but be quick, you'll only have 5-10 seconds (Undecided, to limit cheating).

The app will be monetised by either ads, or taking a small % from each game played.