Psychological Drama, inspired by mental health

Psychological Drama, inspired by mental health

Feature film titled 'The Rabbit'. Set in the modern city scene, inspired by a heartbreaking love story destroyed by mental health.

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'The Rabbit' tells the story of Frank, who enjoys contemplating the judgements of his life's actions as he recklessly experiments with substances. He creates a character for his conscience called the Rabbit, a friend he can share dynamic angles of matters with in inner conversations - Frank may be developing schizophrenia. Frank meets Harvey, a friend who listens to his philosophies and offers a fair opposing opinion to his perspectives - a role he had previosly only entrusted to the Rabbit. Frank loses himself in his hallucinations and delusions and births an obsession for Harvey. Frank evidently loses himself in his mind, and loses the ability to understand life's left and right paths, so he seeks soul-healing in Asia. Frank seems to grow and blossom here with a new life and new friends. After a while, he hears Harvey is in the area, and goes searching for him, desperate for some mental assurance from who he had come to depend so whole heartedly on, and hopefully find what he feels he has lost within himself.

'The Rabbit' has been in writing since 2012, over a long period of misunderstanding and struggling with undisclosed mental health which has been the cause of a lost love, lost friendships and the destruction of a normal life. The journey has ventured through the modern city culture of Cardiff, Wales, the haunting highlands of Scotland and the hedonistic world of Thailand. 

The film feels to me like a diary or an expression of my emotions towards my old friends whom I lost in the nothingness I felt my mind falling into. 'The Rabbit' was created as a representitive of an era of magic in friendships and coming-of-agehood. Finally completing the film would be a glorious credit and ovation to all those struggling with the confusing world of their mental health and who persist like brave guardians of their souls. Finshing this project will mean to me that I may  at last close the book of this surreal era and put the madness to bed.

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