PSP and CBD Scottish Research Appeal

PSP and CBD Scottish Research Appeal


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On 19th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £260 with 3 supporters in 49 days

Please help PSP Association fund exciting new research in Scotland

Three years may not seem like a long time, but it's a window of golden opportunity for medical research - and for PSPA Research Fellow, Dr Diane Swallow.

Thanks to the Scottish Chief Scientist Office, PSPA has been able to give Dr Swallow the opportunity to develop understanding of PSP and CBD in Scotland, as she joins the research team at the University of Aberdeen for three years - looking to improve early diagnosis and better care for people with the diseases.

Dr Swallow will be examining the extent and reasons for delays in the diagnosis of PSP and CBD and comparing the quality of care received by patients in Scotland with PSPA recommended standards.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to undertake vital research which should provide rapid, practical benefits to people affected by PSP and CBD and should also help health service planners and other researchers," said Dr Swallow. "There is also relatively little ongoing research in PSP and CBD in Scotland at present, which means that there is tremendous capacity for growth."

But Dr Swallow's research, part-funded by PSPA, is not in isolation, as she will be working with neurologists and patients across Scotland. The end result will hopefully mean a much better understanding of PSP and CBD across Scotland and ultimately improved idagnosis and on-going care.

How you can help

To ensure this valuable research continues for as long as it takes to make the world free of PSP and CBD, we need to be able to fund the next stage of discovery - this can only be achieved as long as we have your support.

We need to raise £30,000 to match the contribution made by the Scottish Chief Scientist Office and help Dr Swallow undertake this important research in the first year.

By donating to this appeal you are not only raising funds to help us improve the lives of people affect by PSP and CBD in Scotland; you are also making sure we harness the enthusiasm of future researchers.

Thank you.

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