PSP and CBD Research Fellowship Appeal

PSP and CBD Research Fellowship Appeal

Please help us fund the future of research of PSP and CBD

We did it!

On 19th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £2,650 with 30 supporters in 49 days

Please help us fund the future of research of PSP and CBD

Four years many not seem like a long time, but it's a window of golden opportunity for medical research - and Dr Edwin Jabbari..

Over the next four years Dr Jabbari will be working at the Institute of Neurology at University College, London thanks to a PSPA funded Research Fellowship. His work will focus on early diagnosis and the development of treatments.

Working closely with colleagues already undertaking research and combined with the infrastructure of the PSPA Research Network, he will provide a strong platform for the testing of new drugs in the future.

"Identifying PSP remains a challenge, but on the whole we are getting better at this. What we still really struggle with is giving an early indication of how quickly and in what way the disease will progress, yet this information is vital for patients and their families.

"My research will look into ways that we can use MRI scans, lumbar puncture and genetic testing carried out today to reliably predict and track disease progression in the future.

"I want to contribute to PSP research. I am looking forward to meeting many more people living with PSP and hearing their stories and hopefully having a positive impact on their lives."

Dr Jabbari's research, funded by PSPA, is not in isolation, as he will be working with patients and data from our established Restearch Network and a study already taking place at centres across England, Scotland and Wales. The researchers in this Network are each looking at different reserach topics - their findings coming together to give us a broader, yet more detailed picture of PSP and CBD.

To ensure this valuable research continues for as long as it takes to make the world free of PSP, the Association needs to be able to fund the next stage of discovery - this can only be achieved as long as we have your support.

How you can help us

This research fellowship is important as it ensures we continue to harness the interest of young researchers in PSP and CBD, which makes a massive difference to the continued future advancement in the field.

We need to raise £30,000 a year for four years to fund Dr Jabbari and the important work he is undertaking at the Institute of Neurology.

By donating to this appeal you are not only raising funds to help us improve the lives of people affect by PSP and CBD, your also making sure we harness the enthusiasm of future researchers.

Thank you.

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