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Psoas Workshops aim to educate people on the Psoas muscle - a vital muscle at the core of each human's wellbeing.

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New stretch target

Our Stretch Target

£10, 000

What will I use the extra money for?

I would love to make a strong marketing strategy and reach out wide to people who are suffering from ill health all over the UK, but to reach out to these people flyers and local newspaper adds won't cut it.  I would love to get articles in National magazines and be able to have exhibition space at events all over the UK rather than just London based.

I also want to develop my understanding of Psoas and want to start a Master in Exercise and Health at St Georges, Kingston University London, with a view to then doing a PHd in Psoas and Healing.

My long term aim would be to gain enough insight and understanding of Psoas and how it works for a variety of individuals to create a Psoas  fitness 'class' that is eventually in every Gym in the country so that people who are trying to get fit, truly are!

Thank you for your time, enthusiasm and support, it really does mean the world to me.


Psoas is a muscle in your body. It is a vital muscle when it comes to your complete health.  Through my own experience and research I have come to experience healing myself.  I now want to hold workshops to educate other people on their Psoas in the hope of them finding healing too.

How I discovered the importance of the Psoas muscle...

2 years ago I was a part-time PE teacher and fitness instructor, probably the healthiest I've ever been in my life until one night I ended up in A&E with petrifying health issues concerning my nervous system and vital organs. After numerous tests, I was told that there was absolutely nothing wrong me. Doctors could not diagnose the problem and therefore suggested it could be anxiety. I went home confused that night and tried to brush it off. However, I experienced these devastating symptoms every few days for a further 6 months and my life was turned upside down in the process.Stretches to release Psoas

After continual mis-diagnoses, I decided to do some of my own investigating. It was at this point that I discovered the vital Psoas muscle; arguably the most important muscle in the human body. It is the only muscle that attaches your upper body to your lower body, it connects to the kidneys, digestive system, reproductive organs and shelves the diaphragm and with that the heart and lungs. But not only that, the Psoas harbours emotion tension, stress and trauma and if it is out of balance it can cause a devastating array of symptoms. At the most basic level, the Psoas muscle is the key to unlocking complete health, but very few people know about it.

Why people need Psoas workshops...

Ball work to release and balance psoas

Do you suffer with back pain, IBS, Chronic Fatigue, reproductive issues, breathing difficulties, neck pain, TJM, panic attacks, kidney problems or migraines? I believe you can find healing through discovering and connecting with your Psoas. I want to hold Psoas workshops up and down the country to help educate people like you so that in turn you can find ways to heal your body and mind.

The workshops will be both theory and practical helping to bring Psoas into alignment and heal your body and mind. These workshops will be held in fitness centres, health clubs, retreat venues and yoga centres so that they are accessible by all.

There will be 4 workshops to choose from:                  

1) Into to Psoas - 1 Day workshop introducing you to the fascinating workings of the Psoas muscle. The workshop will look at the anatomy of the muscle as well as symptoms that may be associated with an unhappy psoas. An intriguing exploration of the Psoas and it's connection to the nervous system will lead onto look at how it effects your mental health. The last section of the day will look at Psoas and the link to your human spirit - with particular focus on our integrity in life.

2) Psoas and the Body - 1 Day workshop aimed at those of you suffering from specific physical pain and discomfort such as back, hip and neck pain. The workshop will explore Psoas' role in causing and relieving your pain as well as look at how a misaligned psoas can lead to secondary conditions of internal organs such as IBS and Chronic Fatigue. The workshops will be 50/50 theory and practical and together  with 'Emmett', yoga and massage practitioners we will explore a wide variety of physical stretches, releases and breathing techniques to heal your Psoas. We will also practice sitting, walking and standing techniques to ensure a healthy psoas is maintained in everyday life. As Psoas is a holistic muscle mental and spiritual aspects will naturally be included in this workshop, but will not be the focus.

3) Psoas and the Mind - 1 Day workshop looking at the relationship between your Psoas and the nervous and endocrine system (hormones). By looking at this close relationship we will explore how your Psoas can be locked in thought patterns and past trauma. We will explore the Psoas as the fear response muscle and also how this can have an impact on the gut-brain connection. A wide variety of psychological exercises will be taught by our trained NLP practitioner in order to unlock trauma and fear in the Psoas and therefore improve mental and physical health.

4) Psoas and the Spirit - This 2 day retreat style workshop will be about discovering and reconnecting with yourself. Using a rich variety of activities such as meditation, music, poetry, silence, reflection and action it will take you on a journey of healing. Themes such as belonging, identity, love, brokenness, forgiveness, pain, joy and a higher being will be explored leaving you feeling peaceful, happy and content.



"I too am an ex-fitness instructor and have had constant aches and pains for years. I then started to get chest pains with no reason, I certainly don’t have a heart condition, but it was quite scary. I mentioned it in passing to Cath and when she explained about the Psoas and how this muscle can affect your physical, mental and spiritual being, it all seemed to fall into place. I read Cath’s paper, and did my own research, and lo and behold all of my symptoms (lumbar and cervical back pain, shortened hip-flexors, groin, chest pain – all relate to an ‘unhappy’ Psoas! I sometimes also have a feeling of dread which feels deep rooted inside the body… again a symptom an ‘unhappy’ Psoas. I would recommend anyone interested in wellness to explore and support Cath’s venture". Jo Bates, SW London.

"I was first contacted by Cath Lyden in September 2013. She sent me a very detailed analysis explaining why she believed an imbalance in her Psoas muscles was at the heart of her many physical symptoms. At the time I had been working with the EMMETT Technique, a technique, that at its heart, aims to balances the Psoas muscles. As a professional in EMMETT I agreed that all of the symptoms experienced by Cath were potential side effects when Psoas looses integrity. After just 1 treatment with the EMMETT Technique Cath experienced substantial relief from her symptoms confirming for her the validity of her analysis and sending her on a path to further investigate how she could maintain this healing and help others to find healing also. She has my full support and admiration for bringing this core body hero the attention it deserves."  Lesley Salt, Director of EMMETT Therapies UK.  



Why am I crowdfunding?

I have been sharing my idea of Psoas with friends, individuals and those I have met in the health industry. I have had some remarkable feedback and people have experienced healing. I genuinely believe that Psoas can massively impact your health.

While I have individuals who are willing to donate the odd amount of money to help me develop Psoas I need solid financial support to truly launch Psoas properly.

The funding will be used to:

·         Buy electronic software that I need to use alongside the workshops to make them as comprehensive and interactive as possible ensuring clients can fully understand and locate their Psoas muscle.

·         Mats, Slo-Mo Balls, Yoga blocks, resistance bands and other equipment to lead the practical elements allowing clients to practice techniques that will heal them.

·         Create and develop the website so that people know what Psoas Workshops are and how to get involved.  The website will also have nutrition information, downloadable meditations, video clips to show exercises and blogs and articles.

·         Marketing materials such as flyers, exhibition space at appropriate events, articles in newspapers and magazines and information packs to send to prospective hosts and clients.

·         Pay for Hire of the venues and catering for the workshops. 

The main outcomes are:

1) To design 4 exclusive, comprehensive and thorough workshops that are easy for the general public to engage with.

2) To have 2 workshops a month booked by agencies, by April 2015 to make Psoas a viable and sustainable business

3) Partner with key people in the industry (massage, Emmett, yoga and NLP practitioners) to ensure the workshops are professional and accredited to a specific health body mainting integrity and client welfare throughout.

Your money will really make a massive difference to peoples lives.  So please consider pledging money towards Psoas Holistic Health Workshops, even as little as £5 could go a long way! Once you've pledged share the link with friends, family and anyone else that is interested. Thank you for all of your support!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

A lovely Thank you card to show my gratitude. :)

£15 or more

£15 Reward

Thank you card + 5 Psoas release stretches that will leave you feeling great!

£25 or more

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£25 Reward

An exclusive Psoas mug + Psoas pack including 5 psoas stretches and 2 mindfulness techniques to help your psoas relax.

£40 or more

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£40 Reward

Psoas pack including 5 Stretches to release Psoas, 3 mindfulness techniques to destress and 1 meditation podcast. Plus a Psoas mug.

£50 or more

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£50 Reward

To say thank you for your amazing generous pledge I will give you a Psoas Release pack + 1 FREE taster session at Bunny Hop exercise class (CR3, RH1 & RH9 postcodes only) that get's people fit in Body and Mind.

£55 or more

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£55 Reward

To say thank you for your incredibly generous pledge I will reward you by sending you a Psoas release pack + 1 x 45min nutrition consultation.

£75 or more

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£75 Reward

I would like to reward you by offering you 1 FREE place on any Psoas Holistic Health Workshop.

£95 or more

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£95 Reward

Amazing! Thank you for your £95 pledge. As a reward you can go and treat yourself to 10 FREE Hot Yoga sessions at Hot Yoga Epsom!!! Hot Body, Cool Mind! PLUS a free Psoas mug!

£99 or more

£99 Reward

1 FREE place on any Psoas Holistic Health workshop and 50% a friends place too!

£150 or more

£150 Reward

Your business logo on the Psoas website + 1 FREE place on any Psoas Holistic Health workshop.

£250 or more

£250 Reward

Your business's logo on the Psoas website. 1 FREE place on any Psoas holistic health workshops. 2 free articles posted on the Psoas website about your work and sent out to our network. (holistic health related businesses only thank you).

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