Providing used School uniform at affordable prices

by Michael Hextall in Wigston, England, United Kingdom

Providing used School uniform at affordable prices
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We aim to bring School uniform at an affordable price to parents who may not usually be able to afford it.

by Michael Hextall in Wigston, England, United Kingdom

What's the problem?

I am a father of two, one of which is in his first year at School. During the Summer we began to process that all parents go through at this time and that is purchasing School uniform. It boils down to one question, do you go with the schools own branded uniform or unbranded uniform from the likes of Asda, M&S or Sainsburys? Whichever way you go it's not cheap and most working parents struggle to cope with the financial strain of putting their children into School. Do you want to be the parent stood in the playground looking at all the lovely new uniforms the other kids are wearing and wish you could afford something a bit better for your child? Of course you don't but we all want what's best for our children so we stretch ourselves financially to keep up.

What are we going to do about it?

We at School and More want to help. What do parents do with their children's uniform when it no longer fits? Hand it down to their next child? probably not as styles changes. Keep it? unlikely, why would you!? Throw it away? More than likely, what else could you do with it? Now you can do something great with it, donate it to School and More, or even sell it to us, we can then make it available to parents who would not normally be able to afford it, help us to help them. 

We don't stop at just a uniform, we provide bags, shoes, books, stationery and much more.

What can you do to help?

We need your help to get us moving, your pledge will help us with the following:

Setup of a website

Purchase of stock


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