A great school needs classrooms

A great school needs classrooms

We want to increase the number of classrooms to meet the number of pupils. These classrooms will all have windows and doors and equipment.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The St Barnabas School has doubled in size each year since George Takan founded it. However classrooms are needed for the current increase and future increases. You will make a real difference and will be sponsoring a very good successful school. 

George and the staff work very closely with the local population. Their views help form school developments.

Over 35 of the pupils are from families affected by HIV. So, through parent bereavement or poverty because of illness there is no money for their education.

The Ugandan government is ruling that nursery education should be available for all. In the local area there is no other nursery school so St Barnabas is a strong position to grow even further. Secondary education will be new government directive as well. 

You would be supporting a school that is being recognised for its good quality provision.

The school has been selected as a centre for the local community to learn new agricultural techniques.

So if you want to be part of a school community that is meeting the needs of over two hundred children and their parents then support us.

We welcome visits to see for yourself.