Provide 300 Menstrual Cups to rural Nepal

by Sarah Vaughan in Wales, United Kingdom

Provide 300 Menstrual Cups to rural Nepal


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Provide 300 Menstrual Cups to rural Nepal. Lets end the period taboo and educate against the Hindu tradition chhaupadi

by Sarah Vaughan in Wales, United Kingdom

This week is the first I heard of the tradition Chhaupadi which involves menstruating women being classed as impure and are forced to live alone in huts or mud cowsheds for seven days, away from family members and these women are dying due to the tradition. Comfycup wants to help end the period taboo. Funds raised will be used to supply 300 Menstrual Cups, storage pouches and instructions to Western Nepal to educate and end the stigma.

Despite efforts by the government and non-governmental organisations to end the practice, Chhaupadi remains a major social problem, mainly in Nepal’s western districts. Many related deaths go unreported in the media.

During menstruation, women are not allowed to stay in the home or eat their regular diet. They are not even allowed to bathe from the tap, in wells or rivers during that period of time. In some villages, there are separate taps and wells for the women. They are completely barred from going near the temple; if a road is even linked to a temple, a menstruating woman has to choose a different path.

As they are compelled to sleep in poorly constructed and dirty huts, these women face health problems and other risks. Woman who live in the huts are always at risk of diarrhea, pneumonia, and respiratory diseases. While living in the isolated huts, they also face the danger of attack by wild animals, or even abuse and rape by their fellow villagers.

Education is required to end the taboo on periods and menstruation.

A menstrual cup is worn internally and collects the blood, it can be worn for up to 12 hours between emptying.

300 women will be able to manage their monthly period without shame and lack of sanitary wear

Let's make 'Provide 300 Menstrual Cups to rural Nepal' happen