Proud to be Green

by Nigel Jones in Sidmouth, England, United Kingdom


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We deliver a programme of help to organisations wishing to be fully sustainable through our comprehensive sustainability scheme

by Nigel Jones in Sidmouth, England, United Kingdom

From our research, we know that many, many organisations across the land (both commercial and charitable) are really keen to ensure they're as sustainable as possible.  Currently, apart from grants for green purchases (solar panels, ground source heat, etc.), there is distinct lack of holistic sustainability help for organisations that want to do their bit towards helping fight the Climate Emergency.  When you consider that the SME business community alone numbers some 5.8 million businesses, you can imagine the magnitude of gains that could be made if they could be helped in their sustainability.  Many smaller SMEs cannot afford £600-1000 a day in sustainability consultancy charges, or equally a sustainability manager (£35,000 p/a).  The great pity here is that they really need and are desperate for help, but the barrier, particularly in this time of Covid, is purely money.

Our scheme is comprehensive and allied to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  In essence, it's a task-based scheme that tackles all the appropriate subjects which come embedded in our ground-breaking EasyStep green-up software.  It's been a year and a half in development - devised particularly to help beleaguered SMEs that really want to be green, but just can't afford it!

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