Proton Therapy for John

by Alain Jerick Gutierrez Tria in Almería, Andalusia, Spain

Proton Therapy for John


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Hello everyone!I am making this medical fund campaign in behalf of my partner, John.Let me introduce John, he was born in Portsmouth, UK and...

by Alain Jerick Gutierrez Tria in Almería, Andalusia, Spain

Hello everyone!

I am making this medical fund campaign in behalf of my partner, John.

Let me introduce John, he was born in Portsmouth, UK and was an only child. He has spent a few years in Singapore as a child when his dad worked for the Royal Navy and the family went back to England afterwards.

As a young man he has worked for the IT department of several companies and even accepted and worked abroad in the old days in Zimbabwe as an IT manager. He enjoyed life by travelling to places and wasn’t afraid to try different delicacies and cuisines. He loves watching formula one grand prix as he himself is a great car guy and loves having a drive and enjoy seeing beautiful sceneries.

He lost both of his parents in year 2000 from natural causes and they were in their mid eighties of age. Unfortunately, after several months he has lost also all of their belongings as he wasn’t able to afford the payments of their storage.

We met online in 2009 and started as friends, we kept exchanging emails and chats on a daily basis until we became more than friends after several months - fast forward we had our civil partnership on 2011 witnessed by our friends.

His parents always wanted to retire to the sun but never achieved it and it was John’s plan also thus in 2004 when he was able to take voluntary redundancy and early retirement that he moved to southern Spain. He was very happy and loved his life here. He has lived in the same house since moving here and is the longest he has lived in any house.

Spring of 2012 when we started living together with our 2 dogs. We had a simple and peaceful life. Until this incident happened last November 2019 when John went to the GP for his problem on the throat and then was referred to the ENT specialist. It was December when we got confirmation that it was cancer. Unfortunately the surgeon can’t operate on it and he was referred to the oncologist. He was prescribed to have 35 sessions of radiotherapy and 3 sessions of chemotherapy.

Unfortunately his body hasn’t coped well with these treatments. John who was 69 kilos last year was now 49 kilos and still losing weight. I did some research online to find alternative treatments for him and found the proton therapy which is more safer than the radiotherapy as it doesn’t affect the surrounding tissues. However it is only available in Madrid and this has to be done privately. As we don’t have the funds to afford this treatment - I am asking for help financially in behalf of him. During this challenging times of our lives and with the coronavirus crisis which make things much more complicated I have found real people who offered help in other ways and gave us moral support and also to you who may help us to achieve our goal for John to get this treatment, we will be forever grateful.

Despite all of these challenges and hurdles in life John remained optimistic, kept a lovely attitude and good natured to which I am attracted the most about him.

I have already accepted the fact that our lives won’t be the same again but I will do everything I can for John to be free of cancer. He is very much looking forward to be able to eat again and try different things.

Thank you for reading it this far.



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