Support the creation of 'Swift' a UK protest zine

by Leanne Warren in United Kingdom

Support the creation of 'Swift' a UK protest zine
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Help fund the creation of 'Swift' the inaugural printed edition of an anti-fascist, pro-EU arts & politics protest publication for the UK.

by Leanne Warren in United Kingdom


The aim of this Crowd Funding page is to gain support for electronically publishing & printing the inaugural edition of 'Swift' a protest publication (and gain support for subsequent editions). This will be an arts & politics based magazine created to help voice opinions and opposition to the rise of fascism in the UK. The magazine does not represent any political party, though it is pro-EU and takes a stance that it is strongly opposed to populist Governments & Brexit.

Swift will be available electronically every four to six months. The magazine is not for profit and will be FREE electronically but I would love to see a version in print too, so I need your help! 


There is a mood of hopelessness and despair among pro-EU supporters on Twitter. I collated thousands of views from my pro-EU Twitter community asking how people feel about a looming no deal Brexit - I asked them to summarise their feelings in one word. This word cloud art represents those voices, the larger the word appears, the more frequently that word was used.


Despite petitions and peaceful protests, EU supporters and anti-fascists feel ignored, overlooked and conned. Many people in this community are concerned that this populist Gov & Brexit will be devastating for the UK, and are worried when seeing a surge in right wing behaviour, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance. Worryingly there are many parallels between the UK in 2020 and the rise of fascism from throughout history. 


The first edition of the magazine will include history, literature, opinion pieces, poetry and art. The aim is to achieve a good balance between images and articles, a beautiful celebration of all anti-fascist / pro-EU voices but also an informative, proactive read that brings hope. All contributors have generously volunteered their time to make this happen. I am incredibly grateful to everyone involved so far - it has been a pleasure meeting and working with so many like minded people. I'd like to give a special mention to published historians Paddy Docherty & Dr Louise Raw for their involvement & support for this project. Special thanks also to composer Dr Richard Norris who has agreed to co-edit the zine with me and Activist & Researcher Katherine Cary, assistant editor. 

Examples of what the zine will include:

  • The terrifying parallels that can be drawn between the Chilean fascist coup and Brexit
  • the power of peaceful protest, as demonstrated by the brave workers of Edinburgh
  • a personal account of racism in the UK
  • social media technology, the rise of hate speech & the threat to democracy
  • the use of fake news and propaganda on social media
  • how George Orwell's 1984 is becoming too close for comfort
  • voices from the pro-remain Twitter community - including opinions, poetry, photography and art
  • the links between misogyny and fascism & the role of women in fighting fascism
  • a view of the Government's handling of Covid-19 & life during lock-down
  • an outlook: the impact of ten years of Gov austerity on music & the arts 
  • time is running out: the climate change time bomb & actions you can take right now
  • Scotland, the EU and independence - history and outlook
  • mental health coping strategies for anyone struggling with the UK's bleak outlook
  • main stream journalism and the rise of the far right
  • the rise of hate crimes & intolerance towards the LGBT community
  • what protest actions you can take right now and the campaigns you can join or support 

With your support you can help make this happen. I'm offering a number of special rewards for project supporters and patrons...


I'm looking for any support you can offer, no matter how small... as well as supporters to buy a printed version for the zine. I'm also looking for magazine patrons to help secure future editions. Rewards include a printed copy, enamel pins and special signed artwork from the zine. Patrons will also have their name included in special 'thank you' artwork published in the zine. 


Funding will help pay for future editions: the time taken to edit & pull the magazine together, for printing costs & ideally in future editions we would love to offer support to academics, writers & artists to help pay for their contributions & time, as well as commissioning special pieces. 


You are welcome to submit art, photography, poetry, cartoons, short stories, opinion pieces, academic papers & research - they are all considered for inclusion. If you have a petition or organised protest then feel free to drop me a line with details for inclusion in the zine. Please feel free to contact co-editor Leanne Warren at if you would like to discuss further or submit something for consideration. Although the zine will not contain paid advertisements, published contributors are welcome to promote their work & social media in the zine. 

You can follow my Twitter account @leapup1 to stay updated as this project progresses. 

Donations will be available once the project is live.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Seal of approval

Thank you for giving us your seal of approval & supporting this project, every little helps! Make sure you check out the free online version of Swift once we go live & publish.

£10 or more

Thumbs up Supporter

Thank you so much for your thumbs up and your support getting Swift into print. We'll post you a printed first edition of the zine. Postage to the UK only.

£15 or more

High five supporter

Thanks for the high five & your support getting Swift into print. You'll receive the first edition printed version of Swift + a special inaugural edition enamel pin. Posted to the UK only.

£25 or more

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Fist bump supporter

Thanks for the fist bump and your support getting Swift into print! You'll receive the first edition printed version of Swift + a special inaugural edition enamel pin PLUS a signed limited edition A4 giclee protest art print from the front cover artwork (limited to a run of 100 prints). Posted to the UK only.

£50 or more

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Supernova Supporter

You'll receive the first edition printed version of Swift + a special inaugural edition enamel pin PLUS a signed limited edition A3 giclee protest art print from the front cover artwork (limited to a run of 50 A3 prints). Posted to the UK only.

£150 or more

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Supernova Patron

You'll receive a printed version of Swift + a special inaugural edition pin PLUS a limited edition signed giclee A3+ protest art print from the front cover artwork. The A3+ print run is limited to just 10 prints. Posted to the UK only. Your name will also be included in Swift, used in a piece of artwork on our 'Thank you Patrons' page.

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