Protest and Struggle - Voices of Change

We need to pay our wonderful cast and creatives in order to put on two shows and two youth workshops.

We did it!

On 22nd Oct 2017 we successfully raised £165 with 7 supporters in 28 days

We are… 

NitroVoX, an a cappella group who tell stories through spoken word and song.  We are actors who sing and singers who act. Our members come from diverse vocal backgrounds (opera, music theatre, gospel, jazz) bringing a wealth of styles and experience to every performance.


Our Show

We’ve been talking.  We’ve been talking about change.  Neighbourhoods are changing and it seems we are experiencing “urban squeeze”.  Top to bottom, left to right, in and out.

Our shows are rooted in the communities and groups who share their stories with us. Protest and Struggle is an ongoing series looking at regeneration and gentrification. The series was created and developed through conversation.  “Voices of Change” is the second chapter in the series, reflecting on change and its impact on the southeast London communities of Peckham, Camberwell, and East.  “Voices of Change” is a verbatim piece that combines text from personal interviews and published articles with song.  

We will be performing two shows at Theatre Peckham’s new home in Havill Street, SE5. We will also be working with young students from Theatre Peckham Academy – two workshops exploring the theme of change in their community. Our second performance will begin with our workshop participants presenting the fruit of their labours as an introduction to the evening! 

Conversation created this show.  This is just the beginning. 


What We Need & What You Get

The simple fact is – we need money.  To date, we have the funds to hire the theatre, tech staff and support.  But our talented cast and creatives need your support.

By helping us raise these funds you will relieve some of our financial strain. By donating to our cause you become part of our NitroVoX family of supporters. Every bit of sponsorship comes with a reward, starting with a social media shout out (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) right up to a private performance by NitroVoX (parties, corporate events etc.)

 Your financial support is important to us and the communities we work with. If we don’t reach our goal, all the money raised will still be used to fund the production and you, our lovely sponsors, will still receive your rewards!


Who Can Help?

Everybody can help! Whether you’re an individual, an organisation or a company with a love of new music theatre, we know that there is something in this project that will attract each and every one of you.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance!


Other Ways You Can Help

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