Protective face shields against coronavirus UK

by Oliver Turnpenney in Legsby, England, United Kingdom

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Pledge for your own mask and to help healthcare workers by providing 3D printed face shields during the COVID-19 pandemic.

by Oliver Turnpenney in Legsby, England, United Kingdom


The current pandemic is very unsettling indeed, however together with a bit of care and resilience we can help each other through this.

I have set up this crowd funder in response to reports of shortages in protective equipment. This is where you can order your own face mask or donate to provide masks for key workers who in turn help the rest of us.

Here to help

Protective equipment is essential to protect people against the coronavirus. By pledging just £10 you can order your own shield or donate to providing a shield to a healthcare worker. Donations for shields will go towards supplying key workers such as doctors, nurses, porters, carers, reception workers and ambulance staff.

About me

I have recently graduated from an art and design degree. I managed projects and spent a lot of time with the 3d printing technicians as well as working on animations, ceramics and more! I currently make ceramics from 3d printed designs.

I am also a member of Design Nation who wrote this nice article about me and the project.

Tried and tested

The masks have been tested in the emergency department and staff love how easy it is to wear, clean and re use the mask.

The Mask

The mask is really lightweight and secure you can hardly tell that you are wearing it.

As these are made from plastic it is really simple to clean and re use the mask. 

The mask is made from two components. 

1. The headband stretches to fit around your head. This is also lightweight and comfortable to wear thanks to the flexible light weight plastic. There are four notches on this headband to attach the visor.

2. The visor is held onto the headband through some notches on the headband that slide through the visor. There is room for glasses and a mask underneath.

3D printing 

This is a process that builds up three dimensional objects by layering plastic deposited through a movable hot tip layer by layer. We make the headband of the mask this way, and this can be printed in just twenty minutes! 

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is used to cut flat materials. Using a very strong laser the mask visor is cut to size and the holes for attaching the visor to the headband are cut out.

Re using

While the masks are made from plastic it is easy to clean them, If you plan to re use the mask you need to follow good practice by cleaning the mask after every use. Also be careful not to cross contaminate and infect yourself when taking off the mask by cleaning your hands and not touching your face when removing the mask.

Thank you

By supporting this project you are supporting health care workers against coronavirus, The quicker the project reaches its funding target the quicker these masks can be printed and sent out to those in need.


I will send the masks out to you asap subject to minimum orders from suppliers.

Print your own 

If you have your own 3d printer you can go to this link to find out how to print a mask now.

We ask project owners to honour their rewards wherever possible but please note that all pledges are donations and there is no guarantee that you will receive any rewards from the project owner. Please see Crowdfunder's Terms of Use for more information regarding rewards for pledges.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£80 or more

10 Face shields

For £100 pound you will receive 10 face shields

£150 or more

25 Face shields

For £150 you will receive 25 face shields

£300 or more

50 Face shields

For £300 you will receive 50 face shields

£400 or more

75 Face shields

for £450 you will receive 75 face shields

£500 or more

100 face shields

Ordering a larger volume means the price per mask is cheaper.

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