Protect Wonderful Winchester

Protect Wonderful Winchester

Help us protect Winchester from a planning precedent which means that structures on a boundary can be nearly a metre higher than elsewhere

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Winchester City Council recommended the approval of the structure in the photo above in Sept 2015, because one of our neighbours is a personal friend of a senior Councillor. We have the testimony of a reliable source from within the council and we also have documentation to prove that objections were removed or discouraged in order to push this case through. We have been through all the formal channels locally to raise this issue, to no avail.

So why does this matter?

The decision to approve means that a precedent has been set. This means that anyone in Winchester and the surrounding district can put up a structure of up to 14m long x 3.2m tall on a boundary. This is only in Winchester, as the national guidelines limit the size of a structure on a boundary to nearly a metre less.  

We have the opportunity to challenge this decision in the high court, on the basis of procedural irregularities, but do need help to fund this. So if you would like us to make sure that your neighbours cannot do what ours have done to us, can you please support us? Help us to protect Winchester. 

We will make sure all funds are directed to this cause and that any surplus is donated to Cancer Research UK.