Protect Suits for 100% Skin Protection

Project by jamie.davies
Protect Suits for 100% Skin Protection

Complete Skin Protection for All Sports & Leisure Activities (from Toddlers to Adults) - Revolutionary Patented Cut & Graze-Proof Material

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On 5th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Project aim

Complete Skin Protection Clothing for All Sports & Leisure Activities (from Toddlers to Codgers!) - Revolutionary Patented Cut & Graze-Proof Material

About the project

Dear Potential Investor (& Shareholder),

I want to thank you in advance for any help whatsoever with this very exciting project that I would love you to be a part of.  I am willing to give away 25% of this company, the shares evenly distributed in proportion to the investment you make.  (Please see the Rewards for details of this). The potential for success is INCREDIBLY HUGE, there is nothing out there on the market (both in the UK & Globally).

I cannot give away too much as it is truly REVOLUTIONARY in concept & design.  I have COMPLETE EXCLUSIVITY on this PATENT-PROTECTED material that guarantees 100% PROTECTION from cuts & grazes for everyone participating in Sports & Leisure activities such as CYCLING, RUNNING, CLIMBING, SKATEBOARDING, ROLLERBLADING, SKIING, SNOWBOARDING etc. the list goes on & on.  In addition these suits will provide COMPLETE PROTECTION for Toddlers, Children & Teenagers, all of those prone to minor accidents & injury.  Grazed knees will be a thing of the past!

I have registered TRADE-MARKS, along with all relevant CONCEPTS & DESIGN.  I have the perfect website address which will allow the sales to go ballistic.  I need this investment to take my designs from concept to prototype & into production and manufacture.

For everyone who has ever taken a tumble is fearful of cycling because of injury or doesn't want to hear your child cry again from any skin injury, this is the business for you...and YOU can be a part of it.  This is only the start of what will be a REAL REVOLUTION!

Many thanks for time & contribution to this exciting project from which we will all BENEFIT ENORMOUSLY.



...the father of a toddler with no more grazed knees or elbows!


(Please note that the photograph is only a representation & does not show the finished product)

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