Protect Our National Heritage- Kedleston Hall

by Kedleston Voice in Kedleston Road

Protect Our National Heritage- Kedleston Hall

We need to act now to protect our National Heritage.

by Kedleston Voice in Kedleston Road

We did it
On 17th May 2016 we successfully raised £710 with 32 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

What has been happening? 

You may be aware that Catesby Estates submitted a second planning application (AVA/2015/1243) for 195 houses on the same site within the Kedleston Estate. This was submitted before the appeal of the original, refused application for 400 houses (AVA/2014/0928) has been heard, which is due to take place in July 2016.

Utilising donations, Kedleston Voice (KV) have already commissioned a short piece of external, independent heritage work as a pre-cursor to the wider work being prepared for the AVA/2014/0928 appeal. This work, which articulated a number of grounds for objection, was submitted as part of our evidence to the consultation.

The Local Planning Authority (LPA), in this case Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC), has a responsibility to review the application for 195 houses formally within 13 weeks, unless the applicant agrees for this to be extended. AVBC has failed to achieve this and Catesby has exercised their right to take this application to automatic appeal. KV and AVBC now face having to address a second appeal.

Helpfully, it has been proposed that both appeals are joined. Both KV and AVBC asked for this to be postponed until after the summer holidays to allow more time for preparation. However, at present this seems unlikely to be agreed and we expect the co-joined appeals to commence in July. However, the Planning Inspectorate has indicated that they will look to minimise the extra time required to review the appeals, due to their similarity. They have also suggested they are mindful to make this theme based, albeit this is ultimately down to the Planning Inspector to decide.

That being said, the co-joined appeal will now need further work and will take slightly longer. This will increase the cost of representing residents at this important inquiry, through increased barrister time and the need for our experts to consider two applications.

So what now? 

This means Kedleston Voice urgently needs to raise further funds and will be stretching the target to £2,000.

If you have not already donated please consider it now. Share this link in whatever forms of social media you use. As we explain in the introduction this has more than local significance.

"We need to act now to protect our heritage"

Since the changes to the National Planning Policy Framework in 2012 our beautiful open spaces are under threat from developers.

You are probably witnessing it where you live. Across the land there are groups of people fighting to protect their environment. We need to take a national stance against this desecration of our countryside.

Not only are our green spaces at threat, but so are many National Heritage sites and listed buildings.

This is currently the situation at Kedleston Hall, a Grade I listed building, which dates back to the 1760’s. Kedleston Hall is under threat as developers have submitted 2 planning applications to build on land within the Kedleston Estate only 500 metres away from Kedleston Hall itself.

A local action group was formed, called Kedleston Voice who is fighting to save and protect this heritage site.

The developers have appealed against a refusal by Amber Valley Borough Council. However your support is needed to help raise money to fund a robust legal fight to dismiss this appeal.

With your support, not only could we save Kedleston Hall, but it means a positive result could help protect other National Heritage sites from development in the future.

We are at a pivotal moment, which could be nationally significant. Please help us to stand up for our National Heritage, lets stand up for what’s right!

We hope you will realise the implications of this application and help us to oppose the developers to protect not only Kedleston Hall, but our National Heritage!


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