Protect minors from harm- Photography

by Katie Hickmott in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Protect minors from harm- Photography


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Change the law to protect minors from harm - General public photography and social media photo sharing of under 18’s should be made illegal!

by Katie Hickmott in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

We are safeguarding minors4life a new campaign that’s aiming to safeguard children under18 from harm.

We are based on 4 aims 

1. To change the law to ban general public taking pictures of minors without consent! Excluding ‘Criminal investigations, CCTV,Dash cams’ Its more for people have history or no history of sexual offences and is a risk to children under 18.

2. Social media pages to make safeguarding mandatory for groups and pages. That no images of minors to be shared of children Under18 that don’t belong to them or they do not have written consent from their parents to share these images. It would protect the child from harm ie stalking, harassment, kidnapping, sexual abuse, mental health risk.

3.Offer support options on social media for minors like child line, NSPCC when a child has become targeted by sex offenders. More support should be in place.

4. Police/Government to take action when a minor has been made victim of their image being shared and they become a victim of abuse to help protect the child/ young person from harm. IE suicide, self-harming, kidnapping,bullying, sexual activity and harassment.

As it stands their is no law against individuals taking images in a public place. Meaning sex offenders are legally allowed to take pictures of minors in a park for example.
however in some areas people may have to ask for permission or be prevented from taking images.
It is against the law to take images of a person in private environment such as their home and garden this is breach of the privacy law. So why isn’t it a breach of the privacy law in a public place? People shouldn’t feel vulnerable or unsafe!
It becomes an issue when someone is consistently photographing an individual when in public and it’s causing the individual distress this can be harassment and stalking. So this makes it an issue because children are vulnerable it was highlited to me that over a third of abuse of children are recorded as sexual offences and 1 in 20 children in the uk have been sexual abused. It doesn’t have to just be indecent images of children that can cause a child to be sexual abused they can be stalked for a long period of time till the offender has information about the child name, school etc all they need is an image of the child. What was more of a concern to me is that 5,500 sexual offences were against 11 year olds out 23,000 in the UK.

Please help me fight to safeguard children from harm as abuse is on the rise and we need to keep the vulnerable safe and children aren’t able to make these decisions on their own or stand up to the government to overturn the issue. 

Let's make 'Protect minors from harm- Photography' happen

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