Protect Marlhill Copse

by XR Southampton in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Protect Marlhill Copse


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We want to Stop the felling of trees in Marlhill Copse and protect the wildlife in this beautiful woodland.

by XR Southampton in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Marlhill Copse was purchased by Southampton Airport in August 2018.

They acquired a felling license and in January 2019 made a planning application to the council in which 27 trees will be felled.

On the grounds that the felling was necessary for safety reasons the application was approved by the council on March 12th. We now know the reasoning is commercial.

Richard Buxton Solicitors have managed to get an injunction from the high court. This temporarily stops the tree works until another judge looks more closely at the case and can decide whether the matter should go to full judicial review

The friends of Marlhill Copse and Extinction Rebelion are working to raise awareness of this environmental injustice and defend these ancient trees. We need people power and we need your help.

A target of £6000 has been set to cover the cost of ongoing legal support. We're up against big business with a lot to gain financially if these trees come down, but It's time to put planet before profit. 

We need trees.

Please donate whatever you can to help us defend life in the copse that can't defend itself. And if you'd like more information please email, visit the marlhill copse facebook page, or leave a comment.

And Share this campaign with everyone you know! It's time to stop prioritising profit over planet.

Let's make 'Protect Marlhill Copse' happen