Protect a Writers Right to Freedom of Expression

by Donna Desporte in United Kingdom

Protect a Writers Right to Freedom of Expression

I am fighting an high profile legal battle in the High Court in London against the decision ban my memoir Google Me-No Lies.

by Donna Desporte in United Kingdom


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What is the campaign about ? 

Human Rights are key to our freedom.

Freedom of Speech and Expression is something which is sacrosanct and the cornerstone of any free civilised society, for it is what many of our forefathers fought and gave their lives for, and must be protected at all costs;   I have the courage of my convictions having literally put my life and all that I have on the line to fight this Private law case, with Public law ramifications, as it is the first major High Court privacy law trial, post BREXIT; Whatever the decision it will affect how people  are able to express themselves across the board from social media to newspaper and television reporting. Privacy and Secrecy v Freedom of Speech and Expression- a very important legal decision which will make UK case law , it is thus surely only right, fair and proper that there is legal equality of arms.

Background to the campaign

I am an entrepreneur and divorcing mother to five children ages, 10,16, 20, and 23 ( sadly my first daughter Athena died in infancy). Ever since I was a small child I dream´t of becoming an actress and a writer and one day producing my own memoir. Despite being slightly dyslexic with energy, focus and a great deal of determination, in 2017 I eventually managed to do just that.  It was such an incredibly cathartic experience , which made me feel so elated, only to find that my ex boyfriend who had previously won 41 Million GBP on the European lottery,         ( not that he ever did or gave anything at all to help me),  had changed his mind about having no objections to the memoir which mentioned our relationship, having previously expressly agreed in writing to its publication as was written- with no requests for specific none disclosure. 

To my absolute horror he was now seeking to use both his unlimited funds and the power which this wielded to try and stop my voice from being heard. 

My Memoir 

The book which is entitled “ Google Me – No Lies”-The incredible , heartbreaking true story of a survivor. Depicts my life story, successfully overcoming and surviving adversity, domestic abuse, and the misuse of money and power against me. Why should this be covered up and kept secret on privacy grounds?

Indeed if the same decision was applied in the USA, where would all the Weinstein victims be now? The answer is that they would have been silenced legally by the system.

I have had so many communications from people (mainly woman from all different social strata, and nationalities ) congratulating me, and telling me how much the book had helped them to process, face and come to terms with their own abusive situations and take ownership of it. It was doing a lot of good.

Why is your help needed?

The legal battle to overturn this completely perverse decision, (which also prevents any speech about the relationship in England & Wales) is now about much more that this memoir; It is about protecting an individuals right to freedom of speech and expression. This was a decision that came out of a English High Court!! It was not Stalinist Russia, or China, it was from a country which is suppose to protect human rights and freedoms. How can it be that in England in the 21st Century an individual can be threatened with jail for writing or speaking the truth?? Just because somebody rich and powerful does not like it - The decision is wrong and if not successfully challenged threatens to take England along the pathway of a closeted, secret society, where those with money, power and influence, will be about to cover up and hide their torts from the world, and secretly control any descenting voices against them in the name of so-called privacy.

This decision, (which threatens to become an abusers secret charter), is being challenged in The High Court in London, and is set to be heard for 5 days next March 2019. The resulting decision will have legal ramifications for writers in all sectors of the UK including the news media. If you believe in a writers right to freedom of speech and expression- help us fight the good fight, fund a campaign, proper legal representation, and equality of arms. 

Let's make 'Protect a Writers Right to Freedom of Expression' happen

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