PROPteam: Prop Makers Studio Build

by PROPt in Worthing, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 1st June 2020 we successfully raised £1,801 with 23 supporters in 28 days

I need to build a studio, in which to complete an escape room contract, I won and future work I can do from home during this ongoing crisis.

by PROPt in Worthing, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This would set up cordless tooling and an upgraded solar system so it is able to run power tools. 

Once upon a time there a miserable engineer...

I have been making all my life, presents, furniture, gadgets, you name it I will probably try and make it. Having spent 25 years of my life in engineering design, usually in factories, I became unhappy, I worked in an industry built on driving down costs to maximise profits. Having 4 children the youngest of which is 7, I began to think about what they were learning from me going to work in jobs that were not making me happy.

Who changed his life

I decided to change career after taking voluntary redundancy and found what I was looking for at Northbrook College, Prop Making and SFX. I graduated from a foundation degree in summer '19 and immediately started PROPteam, 'Making things Better'. We have been designing and making peoples ideas come to life ever since. When I say we, I mean myself Jacques (PROPt), who is '2nd boss' and my 7 year old, who is of course '1st boss'. She's even offered mum a  job once, she completes her training!

I'm Pickle Rick!

We have had a great start, my  work, featured at this summers Comic Con London and Paris on the same weekend and other pieces went to the Henley Regatta and Crufts. I have worked with one of London's top new designers on a major installation, as well as serving my local community and charities, enjoying every day at work and loving what I do. 

Here I am with my larger Pickle Rick and on the shelf; skull, eye, camera, mace, crown and alien head

We had just branched out, running an after school club for 'Crafty Kids' and Eco friendly children's parties using cardboard to design and make giant bespoke games. 'Mini Makers', has crafting at it's heart reusing, recycling and reducing the plastic party bag waste, by making tools needed to solve our escape room experience for kids. We had our first booking in January, the plan is to have more engagement with our local community and hold workshops during the holidays for children and adults.

Then the Coronavirus hit the UK and like a lot of businesses, ours has suffered, but not before I successfully landed a contract with a local award winning business to design and construct their new escape room and here I need your help.

I was going to be doing most of the work onsite, of course this has become impossible as working alone, in a confined space, with power tools is a dangerous. The owner though has faith in my work and still wants to open when the current crisis is over and is happy for me to work from home. The trouble is space, I cannot turn my living space into a full time workshop, part-time has been strain enough for the family so far and there isn't the room. The plan was always to use money from the business to build a workshop in the garden, but now needs must.

As a new business and a company director with no tax record, I am not eligible for any of the governments help package. With a business to save, my only way out, is to work our way through the next few months, which the escape room contract will allow. I would also be in a position to bid for more projects that I can build at home and deliver to site.

I had already enlisted the help of a top outdoor space designer and builder, whose work has featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, who we have consulted with. My partner, an interior designer with 20 years experience, has created these amazing drawings from our designs, and we've packed the studio with space saving storage and lots of natural light. In some ways now is the perfect time, as I'm here to do the work. This build was always going to be as eco-friendly as I could make it, solar powered and using recycled material where possible. I have managed to acquire some of the materials, from local business friends, that we are recycling, such as windows, structural wood and insulation. 

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for  millions of British small businesses, which is going to make it very challenging for businesses to survive. Together we can help them. 

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£100 or more

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£100 FUTURE....

Pledge £100 today and we'll reward you with a medium size bust of Ra, the Egyptian sun god, finished in gold leaf and lacquer. I created this sculpture in college as a Maquette for a large sculpture that now welcomes visitors into an escape room. Please see additional option 1 for international postage PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATER

£1 or more

£1 Reward

A £1 or more and we will be very grateful that you have been able to give what you can and our best wishes in this time of crisis will be winging your way, Stay safe and stay tuned for updates.

£10 or more

£10 Donation

Spare us a tenner to help a business you love get through whatever COVID-19 sends our way, and we will send you our heartfelt thanks and a place on our roll of honour, that will be hung on the wall of the studio as a permanent reminder of your generosity.

£15 or more

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£15 FUTURE ...

Pledge £15 today and we'll reward you with... A hand finished limited edition fridge magnet, a permanent reminder of your help to our artistic endeavour. Sculpted in clay and cast in resin, in gold and black. A run of 100, individually numbered, will you get number 1? PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATER

£30 or more

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£30 FUTURE...

Pledge £30 today and we'll reward you with... A pair of exclusive PROPt coasters, raise a glass in celebration of your generosity to our cause. These coasters are a throwback to my time as a budding designer, finished in Black, with gold leaf, only 50 pairs will be made especially for this crowdfunding appeal. They will be packed in a handmade box signed personally to say a big THANK YOU. PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATE

£75 or more

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£75 Reward

6" Pickle Rick Handmade and finished, based on your favourite crazy scientist, these are unofficial and limited to 10.

£400 or more

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£400 Reward

A 'Mini Makers' bespoke Eco Friendly birthday party!, for up to 15 children. We bring our be giant cardboard world delivering an escape room experience for the birthday Girl/Boy. Making tools to solve the puzzles and play the games, can you save the planet? Due to our being based in the Southeast, we can only offer this in this region. Valid for as long as needed, this reward will not expire For parties further afield, please contact on FB page

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

Skeksis Cutlery This set of Skeksis cutlery from the Dark Crystal is a piece I imagined making after visiting the open day for the course, back in 2017. There we learned that we could make anything we wanted, within reason using the skills learnt over the 2 years of the degree course. I went home excitedly and wrote a list, with Skeksis cutlery at the top. Made from lead-free pewter and resin jewels, the work I am most proud of to date.

£1,500 or more

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£1500 Reward

A personalised art piece. Using your imagination and my making skills, we will create a work of art for your home/workspace. The piece will be limited to a 2m tall poly sculpture, coated, before being spray finished and lacquered for protection. It will be the first commission made in the studio.

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