Property Maintenance Business Growth and Expansion

Property Maintenance Business Growth and Expansion

Our aim is to give free consultation to potential home owners in terms of Gas and Electric Appliances and Supplies after a purchase.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are currnetly looking at ways of expanding our business. Currently we undertake a variety of services to local domestic homes within the London Area.

We have been approached to undertake lots more, with Large Blue Chip companies offering us the oppotunity to increase our customer base. We need to recruit more field based operatives and staff in the local area. The aim is also to start an apprentiship scheme for those school leavers interested in becoming a trades person. Underlining the following in terms of customer service, customer focus and a hands on apprenticeships.

We currently have the oppotunity to Electrical Engineers, Gas Engineers (Installation, Maintenance and Repair) and Plumbing. We also have the oppotunity to offer Office based roles to those interested in Customer Service, Business Development and Accountancy.

Now, we understand we that nothing in life is free, so we are offering a rewards scheme to those who pledge to our cause, a small token of appreciation in helping us grow as a business, helping the young with oppotunities to undertake a trade and qualify as a tradesperson.