Property cleaning and maintenance

Property cleaning and maintenance

A unique business that will seek to employ those in the local area that are homeless, in drug recovery, long term un-employment etc

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A cleaning and maintenance business for property owners and landlords in the Sussex area.   The main aim of the project is to build a profit making business that will employ those needing a "second chance" in employment. They may be in a situation where gaining experience or employment is difficult.  This may include the homeless, those in alcohol or drug recovery, long-term un-employed or perhaps with a criminal record.  

The aim being to offer employment on a casual basis, gaining experience of day to day work, with opportunity to enroll in skills courses to further their skill sets.  

For any succesful candidates who take their "second chance", we would look to start them up with their own van and tools.  This may be through franchising the current project to them.  Or by simply employing them in a permanent role.