Property Investment

by altumash kamal in London, England, United Kingdom

Property Investment


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I want to buy properties from auction and then rent it out at a cheaper price. i want to make it affordable to rent out properties.

by altumash kamal in London, England, United Kingdom

My business was running very smoothly and i was living the life until Covid-19 happened. All of a sudden, i realised i had no money and i had no body to help me. I live in a 3 bedroom house with my family where the rent is £1850 per month. My parents are old and they do not work. My partner and my 2 children depend on me to look after them. I was going through a really hard time. My rent was in arrears and my bills over due. I had no source of funding left until i received the bounce back loan. I then paid off all my rents and bills.

This made me realise that i wasn't alone and there are hundreds if not thousands of other people in the exact situation. A lot of them have even become homeless and honestly this is terrifying. What if this was me? So i decided that i will do everything in my power to help people rent out properties for lower rents. I will also try to give rent free period if i can get mortgage payment holiday from the bank.

For this i will need to buy properties from auction that are lower than the market price. Preferably ex-council properties. I can then rent it out at lower rents to the people in need.

Please help me to help others.

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