Property Development 20% ROI

Property Development 20% ROI

Purchase Land with Planning Permission - Enabling us as experienced developers to complete a residential development.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We have an exclusive opportunity to aquire some land (not on the market) with planning permission for between 15 - 25 houses depending on style/size.  We can fund the build and as NHBC developers can complete the build.  We just need help to aquire the land itself.  The overall costs are appox £4,250,000  with a completion value of £5,250,000.  Therefore the profit will be in the region of £1,000,000.  

The return will be proportionate to the amount of money invested.  

IE: You invest £85,000 which is equal to 2% of overall costs.  You would receive £20,000 plus your original £105,000. Thats 20% ROI...

These figures are very conservative as we cannot over promise.  However, we would expect to get teh costs down and the completed value up giving a greater return to all investors.