Chi Chi's Coffee & Waffle  House

by Richie and Victoria Hardwicke in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 17th August 2018 we successfully raised £9,201 with 138 supporters in 28 days

We want to create a supercool coffee & waffle house, serving you proper coffee and delicious food. Help us make our vision a reality.

by Richie and Victoria Hardwicke in London, England, United Kingdom

Louise Ridley 17th August 2018

Can't wait to visit you when you are open and taste the coffee and waffles. All the best with the opening next month. Look forward to seeing the place buzzing.

dramadama 16th August 2018

Brilliant idea! So glad you have a vegan option too, I thought I might have to pass on the waffles but no. Can't wait to visit! Xxx

Krystle Nolan-James 16th August 2018

I have lived on the next road for nearly 12 years now and I too, had walked past this empty little space for a very long while -intrigued to see if it would ever be filled ! I am a local artist who uses TEA, COFFEE and discarded objects (litter) to create unique luxury pieces of abstract artwork. ( New work will be uploaded on the above, by the end of the week ) You are now literally a stone throw away from my home and as I am a coffee addict I cannot wait to chill and enjoy Chi Chi’s - with a tasty cuppa and a slice of cake 🍰 :) See you soon ! Krystle

Lauren J 16th August 2018

So excited to have this fabulous new coffee and waffle house in the area and so close to my home. I can't wait to visit!

Jishan Uddin 16th August 2018

Great idea - we're relatively new to the area and this is exactly what we wanted to see open. Good luck and we look forward to visiting! Jish and Lucy

Amy Lorna Smith 15th August 2018

Great to see another independent business in our local area. You’ve got a great spot and I wish you every success. See you after opening, Amy

Vicky Hall 15th August 2018

Good luck with everything guys, really looking forward to coming in when you open! Fab to have another new place to enjoy in the community!

Amy Guy 15th August 2018

So proud of you guys for opening this place! It’s going to be amazing!! Can’t wait to try that first waffle.... yum 😀 xxxx


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

10 for 10

A 10% discount card for a year, plus we will throw in a piece of cake on your birthday for life :)

£15 or more

A little indulgence for one

Any sweet waffle, a glass of Prosecco and any tea or coffee

£20 or more

Coffee Money Saver

10 free coffees loaded on your card, saving you almost 30% off the cost off your first coffees down at Chi Chi's. We get to see you a bunch of times and you get money off your coffee...we think that is a WIN WIN situation all round :)

£22 or more

Catch up n Waffle

Two savoury or sweet waffles of your choice and any two hot drinks plus we will throw in a piece of cake on your birthday for life

£25 or more

Our coffee starter

Get 10% off your bill for a year, a piece of cake on your birthday for life and five free coffees

£50 or more

10 of 100 claimed

Something for everyone

A Waffle meal for two, choose any waffle and any drink including wine or beer, a 10% discount card for a year, a slice of cake on your birthday for life and five free coffees

£50 or more

The Waffle family

A family meal inc 4 savoury or sweet waffles, 4 drinks from our wine, beer, smoothies, juices and soft drink menu and 4 homemade brownies or an Affogato to finish

£75 or more

19 of 40 claimed

The big launch bash

An invite for you and one other to join us at the launch of Chi Chi's in early September. Drinks and waffles will be served throughout the day and live DJs playing, helping to make it a real celebration. You will also be given cake on your birthday for life and receive a year long 10% discount card

£100 or more

Coffee Lover

Your favourite coffee free every week for a year

£125 or more

Appreciate your Waffle

An opportunity for you and 3 friends to taste all the waffles on the menu (8 different waffles) starting with the savoury and moving onto the sweet options. One glass of wine/prosecco/beer or soft drink/juice per person is included. A 10% discount card and a piece of cake on your birthday for life and 5 free coffees

£175 or more

1 of 15 claimed

Waffly good children’s Party

Kids waffle creation birthday party for up to 15 children with waffle, sauces and dips for children to make up their own waffle creations. All waffles are photographed and judged by Chi Chi's Manager/Owner with a prize given for the most inventive waffle. One soft drink/juice per child as well as one hot drink per child for the accompanying parent

£350 or more

6 of 8 claimed

Name that waffle

Your chance to name one of our waffles . Whether its named after yourself, a loved one or your family name, we will work with you to come up with a super awesome naming solution. The item will remain with that name for at least a year. We will also include a 10% discount card so you can enjoy your own named food at a discount and 10 free coffees

£500 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Come see my waffle

Name a waffle after yourself, a loved one or your family. We will then host a table of up to 8 of your friends and family, with your named waffle spectacularly served up amongst sharing platters of all the waffles on the menu. Four bottles of wine/prosecco will also be provided

£1,000 or more

Local Business hero

Waffle Party for up to 25 people with platters of all the different waffles and salads out for everyone to enjoy and two drinks per person including any wine, beer or prosecco. 25 10% discount members cards with 3 free coffees loaded on to each one. A waffle named after your business

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