Stress Free Campaign by ProMovers

Stress Free  Campaign by ProMovers

Have you ever moved home & experienced a stressful move? Help ProMovers Take the Stress out of Moving, by supporting our Stress Free Project

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On 23rd Sep 2015 we successfully raised £270 with 7 supporters in 28 days

Project aim


Have you ever moved home and experienced a stressful move? Help ProMovers Take the Stress out of Moving, by supporting our Stress Free Campaign.


The Professional Movers Association have created a unique star rating system so that you can easily identify the right man and van or removal and storage company for your needs. Our Stress Free campaign includes the development of an intelligent website which will intuitively understand which removers are best for you dependent on your move details and personal requirements, and match you up with the perfect removal companies for your relocation. Plus you will be able to manage your move entirely online, with a clever reminder system, count down calendar and hints and tips for a stress free move.


Please consider supporting our Stress Free campaign goals which include many other projects, including lobbying the property, mortgage lending and conveyancing industries to work together to create a Stress Free property and moving experience.


About the project


Have you ever needed to hire a Man and Van or Removal Company and wondered "who should I use?" Are they going to look after everything carefully? How much does it cost to move? What happens if the removers damage something? Am I insured properly? What happens if the van doesn't turn up or something goes missing? Will everything fit on the lorry?


Not all Furniture Removal Companies are the same, and when moving home or office, overseas or locally, it can be extremely confusing for you to successfully judge the Professional standards and capabilities of a Man and Van or Removal Company, until after you have experienced the service provided.


To book a Removal Company simply based on an advertisement, a gut feeling, doing a Google search or looking on a company’s website, can sometimes lead to disaster and a stressful relocation; especially if the Man and Van or Removal Company do not train their staff properly, advertise they have large lorries when they have much smaller resources, offer international shipping when they do not have the expertise, pay cash in hand to anyone with little to no experience, do not securely check the backgrounds of their staff entering your home, do not look after and regularly maintain their vehicles, or do not have the correct insurance or Terms and Conditions in place to Professionally look after you, and your personal possessions with due care and integrity.


With many years experience working within and analysing the "pain points" of the Removals Industry, the staff and Directors at the Professional Movers Association are experts within our field and we have developed a unique grading system for the UK removals and storage industry, so that customers like yourself who are looking to book a man and van service or professional removal company can understand the various differences between removers.


Those differences can include price range, expertise, size of company and services offered, specialties, customer service standards, honesty, insurance cover and much more.


Our unique industry Star Rating System is similar to that used by the Hotel and Restaurant Industries, so when you need to hire a Man and Van or Removal Company, you have clear, concise and accurate information, and can make a more informed choice when booking your removal.


So for example, there are clear differences of staying in a 2 star hotel verses a 5 star hotel. 2 star hotels tend to be cheaper with less resources and limited services, but offer great personal customer service for a very affordable price. Whereas a 5 star hotel usually has a lot more rooms, sometimes a swimming pool and gym facility, perhaps even an in house hair dressers or barbers shop, they usually offer an efficient concierge service and a business lounge, but are much more expensive and tend to cater for customers with much larger budgets, or who want extras during their stay.


Our star rating system works on the same basis, and we will be assessing and grading as many man and van and removal companies as we can across the UK and eventually around the world, so that when you or your family do have to move home or office, you can easily find the best remover for your needs.


Each member Removal Company is Assessed on 6 main aspects of their business.


  • Customer Service and Technical Ability
  • Marketing, Presentation, Transparency and Honesty
  • Staff Training, Management and Health and Safety
  • Operations and Vehicle Management
  • Office and Warehouse Facilities
  • Legal Compliance and Business and Financial Management


Following our annual Assessment of each member company, they are graded and given a Star Rating between one to five Stars within each category, and a total overall star rating, as long as their company is fit for purpose and legally compliant. So when you next need to search for and hire a moving company, you can easily match up your individual needs wih our members. So if you have a very small budget or only need to move a small amount, you will know exactly which companies you need to approach in your area. And when you have much more complex requirements including having more furniture and possessions to pack and move, or if you are relocating overseas, or have antique and valuable items which need extra special care, again you will know exactly which removal company to use.


If you like the idea of having all the stress taken out of moving, we would love to have your support.


To enable us to achieve our goals of building a very intuitive website to help you search for your perfect remover, we are seeking funding to help us build our unique online booking platform. Once developed you will be able to just go on the website, enter your move details and requirements, and the most appropriate removal companies will be selected dependent on YOUR needs and not what the removal companies just want you to hear.


PLUS when you rate the company you hired and leave your customer feedback about their services and performance on our website, your results will integrate with our existing star rating score for them, to give a completely true and accurate picture of each man and van or removal company.


Please support our goals and help us Take the Stress out of Moving! 


Thank you


The Professional Movers Association

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