Promoting UK Made Products and Services with Chuft

by Rene in London, England, United Kingdom

Promoting UK Made Products and Services with Chuft
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Promoting UK made products and UK based service businesses, incorporated in the UK and pay UK taxes. Feel Chuft for buying UK!

by Rene in London, England, United Kingdom

The team are both Remainers and Brexiteers, who want the UK's economy to do well. Now that the government has settled on a Brexit agreement, we know we ALL need to work together to make the economy work for US. This is our solution...

We need to promote British design, manufacturing, produce and services. Not just promote, but incentivise through the Chuft Marketplace. 

Chuft UK Marketplace promotes UK Businesses that design, manufacturer or produce products from the UK. Chuft also promotes UK based companies that offer services. 

The aim is to promote these products and services so that the price is competitive enough, that UK buyers and consumers, start to choose UK products and companies to build our economy and feel Chuft about it all. 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Chuft Exclusive Membership or CHEM

The annual CHEM membership is valued at £150 This membership allows our Exclusive Members; 1. Special discounted promotional deals 2. Special discounted group deals 3. Buying rewards 4. Competitions which involve trips, manufacturing tours and industry seminars 5. New product launching dates 6. Company Social Days 7. Recruitment and Hiring Opportunities 8. Share opportunity when company becomes a cooperative

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