Promoting my #Blisscipline Programme

by Marie Gould (Mind Over Matter) in Hartland, England, United Kingdom

Promoting my #Blisscipline Programme
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I want to promote #Blisscipline Programme . Interactive book for individuals or as a corporate training programme to improve mental health

by Marie Gould (Mind Over Matter) in Hartland, England, United Kingdom

  • I am a qualified life coach who specialises in happiness coaching. After suffering debilitating stress related anxiety I decided to use my qualifications and experience to offer workshops to like-minded individuals/organisations to look how our lives and we’ll being are affected by our mind, thoughts, beliefs and actions. I have subsequently written an interactive programme detailing the five steps to happiness. By following these steps and incorporating it into daily life (hence the Blisscipline) I have seen such a marked improvement in my well being, outlook and what I attract into my life. It’s not just about positive mental attitude but understand how our conscious and subconscious mind(s) work and how to reprogrammed them to our advantage. How to regain control and life in the present and generally be happy

I have carried out successful workshops based around the five steps to happiness, as I see them, and what has worked for me and others. This is a sideline at the moment and I have a full time job

I want to promote my book further and have  a range of organisations utilising it as part of their training and well being strategy. Also charities and individuals. I would used the funding To promote this and dedicate more time to getting it


I would like support to promote and sell more copies of my programme and then offer more workshops and training packages 

I also utilise several social media platforms to spread kindness, Happiness, And positivity and would like to build on this and gain more followers and truly make a difference

more and more people are suffering from anxiety in this fast paced World and I want to give something back and support those that are struggling with the strategies I have learnt

I have discovered that you can turn dreams into reality: conquer anxieties; reach your full potential and find the ultimate fulfilment and inner peace you so desire and deserve. These are all outlined in my five steps within my Blisscipline  program.

From a corporate perspective - 
I also believe that if you look after your internal customer than they look after your business. Sometimes it is overlooked and we look very much as organisations at external customer service training. I want to support organisations and their workforce to utilise their minds to make them more productive, healthy and motivated. Which is obviously a win win

I want to support companies in understanding and subsequently protecting the mental health and well-being of their greatest asset – their internal customer. So they are naturally the employer of choice as they embrace the culture of being a good and healthy place to work. Mental health should be a top priority at work because that’s where we spend most of our lives!


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