Promoting Educational Needs for Odoi Atsem School

Promoting Educational Needs for Odoi Atsem School

Help us build a better learning environment for children at Odoi Atsem School in Ghana and improve their life chances.

We did it!

On 1st May 2017 we successfully raised £1,150 of £1,000 target with 33 supporters in 56 days


Odoi Atsem  is in La, an area in Accra, Ghana. The school was set up by well meaning individuals because there was none in the locality, which meant the children simply didn't attend school because it was too costly for them to travel outside the community. The fees here are a fraction of what they would have to pay at other private schools. Although it's private, the school uses the national curriculum but is also committed to providing African centred learning.  Much of its funds come from the parents and relatives and friends of the staff, especially the Headmaster, Mr Percy Gogoe.

During the rainy season the local area experiences terrible flooding. The school has to close, when it rains heavily especially because poor sanitation becomes a serious issue. Because of this the school is subjected to paying fines  out of its already meagre income.


The PEN Network, an independent charitable organisation was formed to help improve the life chances of African children. In 2015 we organised a Fundraising Dinner and Dance to support Odoi Atsem Memorial Preparatory School. The funds we raised helped the school begin much needed infrastructural work. Although new desks were made for the children, the floor concreted and the wooden slats replaced with concrete to prevent rain leaking in during classes, the work is incomplete. 

As our motto says - 'woforo dua pa a - if you climb a good tree you will be given a push' - we want that push to be in the right direction, from the right cultural base. Rather than images of hopelessness and despair we want to see brighter futures and opportunities for children in deprived areas.



We want to raise £1000 URGENTLY! This is needed for the completion of the school's roof, toilet facilities and will provide waste building materials to help prevent stagnant waters in which mosquitos breed, raising the risk of malaria. The rainy season starts in March through July. It is therefore a matter of urgency we raise the funds  so that students can learn in an enviroment that is not subjected to severe flooding, exposure to the hot sun, and terrible sanitation.

The children, as the photos show, do not complain. They are happy to be at school, no matter what the conditions. But we believe we can help them learn in a much better environment. We need your support to achieve this. 


We have other Fundraising opportunities you can check out too. These have a health drive behind them. They include a 4hour Bicycle Challenge in collaboration with The Lake Foundation; a Vegan/Raw Challenge that you opt to do for 1 - 4 weeks, a 10k Run and the chance to take part in a BIG SOUL LINE DANCE, in collaboration with Johmard Fitness and Dance. You can also design your own challenge and encourage family and friends to sponsor you. Register here. Or check out the details on our website

Thank you.

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