Promoting Digital Lifestyle Solutions

Promoting Digital Lifestyle Solutions

This project is aimed at helping others create online digital solutions to provide an income source, and ultimately reduce workplace stress.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am looking to setup and develop a business project in order to help others "see the light"..

To cut a very long story short - (although I have actually written an eBook which gives more details the reasons behind this project in the first place) - after spending almost 25 years working for others in sales, often traveling up and down the country, enduring a lot of workplace stress, and spending what seemed like a lifetime stuck in traffic on daily commutes to the office or to see clients, I decided after a period of illness that enough  was enough.  

Life is too short to endure stress and illness, for the benefit of employers who often had little respect or appreciation.

I know from my own experiences, and subsequent research that there are thousands of people in similar situations, all desparate to "escape the rat race".  Of course, in reality all too often people get stuck in a rut and become short sighted and continue put up with those circumstances, and often have to take sick days simply just to recouperate their mental state of mind if nothing else...

Dont get me wrong, I was grateful of having a job, but as most people will agree, (especially these days), there is usually "more month than money" as the saying goes.  BUT - we werent born to just pay bills, and there is a lot to be said about quality of lifestyle and health too, rather than rushing round stressed just so your boss can drive a nice car and go on holiday while you worry about paying the next gas bill.

Ok, so its not as bad as that all the time for everyone of course - but the point of this project and business is to help others in similar situations to find alternative solutions.

The business will provide several products and services by embracing digital opportunities.

These will range from eBooks, online courses, webinars, and 1-2-1 mentoring sessions, all aimed at motivating  others to discover ways of creating passive or residual incomes, and learning how to monetise online opportunities - its by no means a get rich quick scheme; and some work is needed by people at the start, and it may just be that some of the solutions run alongside full or part time jobs for some people, but its all about recognising situations and taking back some control, and building a different direction and focus in order to create a healthier, better lifestyle, and perhaps make some extra money at the same time.

The purpose of this crownfunder project is therefore to allow me to move to the next step of my project and fund the creation of a number of e-learning courses, (having now already written a couple of ebooks to support those courses).

The critical element to this project is that these subsequent e-learning courses will be made available at affordable prices - thats the whole point.   I myself discovered numerous courses or schemes online all offereing to help me make money and a better lifestyle, but quite often the prices of those courses were far out of my reach - and the irony is that if someone is looking to learn and discover something new, then they cant, or wont, pay high prices for something that may turn out not to be right for them anyway, I therefore aim to turn the tables and fill that gap.