Promoting affordable IT Support Systems

Promoting affordable IT Support Systems

Create a WordPress website that will serve as a IT knowledge base - With plans to expand it to a multi functional platform in near future.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am an enthusiastic individual who has worked in private businesses, for a local council and the NHS. My general frustration is seeing high volumes of money being invested into IT systems that I feel with a little help I could achieve and at a 100th of the price.

So I want to have a go and provide the current hospital I work for:

A WordPress site that is integrated with Active Directory and consists of an IT knowledgebase.

The current knowledge base will consists of over 200 pages of technical support documents and built on an out of data wiki platform, does not support drag and drop of images, the search facility rarely works, mobile devices, copy and paste of objects, formatted text, images etc

The site I have currently developed has a lot of this functionality already.

At work I can utilise the current server of the old Knowledge base and verbally a few managers are happy for me to produce a knowledge base replacement.

I was going to set this crowd fund at a higher budget and include phase 2 & 3 which were to incorporate an IT Ticketing system, asset management, change management and reporting. I decided to break this project down into manageable and achievable chunks and that way I can show contributors to the project a measured level of success.

Current Progress:

I have my own website hosting package with HostPapa which is self-funded.

Spent over 100 hours self learning WordPress

Spent about £100 purchasing some plugins such as image elevator and duplicator pro

I have spent £50 on 1 project using 

Why do I need funding and what will the funding be used for?

Initially I thought I could achieve everything for free using a platform such as WordPress.

The funding will be used to hire a freelance developer who can help complete the required spec that I want to achieve.

I will not take a penny of the funding myself and will provide evidence showing where the money has been spent.

I will post links to the demo site showing progress of the work. Please bear in mind I will not be able to demo the live sites due to data sensitivity and that it will be live within a secure network but my demo's will show the site and all of its functionality minus live contents.

At each point of the build so far I have documented each feature, how it works and what it does. I will continue to do this and provide documents of how to use it.

At all times the design and implementation will be kept simple so it will never be a case that it is either really difficult to recover in the event of failure or that in my absence no one else can support it.

Future plans

To expand the site to incorporate an IT ticketing system, asset & change management. There are a number of tools out there which are free or quite cheap but need potentially quite a lot of modifications to work efficiently.